Marketing or advertising? Deviations and Deviations

Marketing or advertising?  Deviations and Deviations

Choosing a college degree is one of the most important decisions we can make in our lives, especially when we are still developing our professional profile for a future job.

In this article, we will show you the differences between two related careers so that you know what to study: marketing or advertising. However, they have important differences and we will review the possible career options for each one.

What is Marketing?


Marketing is defined as a set of techniques and strategies aimed at satisfying consumer needs and desires through marketing Creation, promotion, distribution and sale of products or services. The most important marketing concepts are customer, product, advertising, distribution and price.

Specialties and career opportunities

Marketing is divided into various specialist areas, such as digital marketing, content marketing, product marketing. The most common job options include marketing manager, marketing analyst, marketing consultant.

What is the ad?


Advertising is defined as a set of techniques and strategies aimed at inform and persuade the public about the benefits of a product or service. The keywords in advertising are the message, the medium, the audience and the advertiser.

Specialties and career opportunities

Advertising is divided into different specialties, such as digital advertising, media advertising, product advertising, among others. The most common career opportunities include advertising creatives, media planners, account managers.

Differences between studying marketing or advertising

Although marketing and advertising are closely related, there are some key differences between the two careers.


While Marketing focuses on the entire process of creating, promoting, distributing, and selling a product or service., Advertising focuses solely on communicating and persuading the public about the characteristics or benefits of a product or service.


Marketing is essential to the success of any business as it is responsible for ensuring that products or services are attractive to the public and reach the right market. Advertising, in turn, is an important marketing it is responsible for informing and persuading the public about the products or services.

techniques and strategies

If you study marketing, you will need to learn a variety of techniques and strategies in the field, such as market research, data analysis, product development, and advertising campaign design, among others. Advertising, on the other hand, is mainly focused on developing advertising campaigns from a more creative point of view.

Career opportunities in marketing or advertising

Career opportunities if you study marketing

  • George from Marketing: Responsible for developing and overseeing a company’s marketing strategy, coordinating all areas involved. Analytical vision will be important as it is always positive to justify your decisions with analysis and data processing.
  • market researcher: responsible for conducting market research and data analysis to identify trends and opportunities for the company, make sales forecasts, prepare market share reports, etc.
  • marketing consultant: Specialist in advising companies on marketing issues, identifying improvement opportunities and developing strategies to improve their market presence.
  • Digital Marketing Specialist: Responsible for developing marketing strategies in digital media such as social networks, websites or email marketing.
  • Content Marketing Specialist: Responsible for creating and managing content for the company’s website and social networks with the aim of attracting and retaining customers. It’s what we commonly know as inbound marketing strategies.

Career opportunities if you study advertising

  • advertising creative: Responsible for proposing creative ideas and concepts for advertising campaigns, as well as writing copy and designing advertisements. You need to study a client’s brief (or launch document) and consider what campaign might fit their needs in order to achieve the set goals.
  • media planner: responsible for selecting the appropriate media to deliver the company’s advertising message, such as television, radio, press, internet, etc. They must determine an appropriate message for each medium, as well as the creative (visual elements) and the programming or duration of each advertisement.
  • Account Manager: Responsible for managing customer relationships and coordinating the development of advertising campaigns. He is the professional who maintains a closer relationship with customers to inform them, advise them directly or solve any doubts that may arise at any time.
  • creative director: Responsible for leading the creative team and overseeing the quality of advertising campaigns. However, achieving this position may require years of experience and not just a good education.
  • Digital advertising specialist: Responsible for developing advertising strategies in digital media such as social networks, websites and email. Mastering Meta Ads (Facebook and Instagram Ads), TikTok Ads, Email Marketing or Sales Funnels is currently highly valued. You will be responsible for developing the advertising campaigns, from the texts that appear to their illustrations, as well as for segmenting the right audience.

You may also be interested in consulting the article we have developed with the most sought-after professional opportunities in digital marketing, the highest paying jobs and see if any of them fit your professional profile.

Which profession should you choose: marketing or advertising?

The choice between marketing and advertising depends on your personal interests and skills:

  • if you are creative and you enjoy working on developing advertising campaigns, advertising might be the best option for you.
  • if you are analytical and you enjoy working on product development and marketing strategies, then marketing might be a better fit for you.

Indeed, if you are thinking of an education in marketing, but more specifically in digital marketing, we have one Masters in Digital Marketing updated and with the possibility of taking it personally in Valencia or online. We encourage you to check it out!

Anyhow, we hope this guide on what to study, whether marketing or advertising, has been useful to you. Remember there is nothing more important than knowing what your strengths are and what kind of job you want to get in order to make the right decision.

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