Mark your calendar: June 27th is Retail Rendez-Vous!

Mark your calendar: June 27th is Retail Rendez-Vous!

On June 27th we’re hosting Rendez-vous Retail: The Age of the Connected Consumer


Trade becomes a global experience, which includes services, encompasses the brand, its communication, its customer relationship, its mastery of marketing levers, especially digital, and new services. And the consumer, in turn, becomes a connected consumer with new uses, sometimes at odds between claims and a context, especially inflation.

The topic we are dealing with is commerce from the point of view of the connected consumer.

How retailers and brands are adapting in the age of digital and data, what levers they are using, both from the point of view of the relationship with the customer and from the point of view of the acquisition media and the new services enabled by data (e.g. trade media). or marketplaces) and new forms of consumption (particularly circular).

The format: a select panel of around fifty guests to promote an effective and trusting exchange between like-minded people in an informal and first-class setting: the Maison du Denmark on the Champs Elysées.

Four main themes:

  1. omnichannel
  2. retail media
  3. circular economy
  4. experience and new uses

Keywords: data, digital, relationship, transition crisis, new uses, new models, retail media, local, circular economy and deconsumption, D2C, social media, mobile, delivery, platform, business, dooh, delinearized buying journey, experience, omnichannel…

The program will be announced shortly. We are already pleased to announce among the speakers:

Marie Dardayrol-Sandevoir, Chief Marketing Operator (CMO) and Chief Digital Operator (CDO) – UNDIZ

JEROME DELIGNE, Director of Marketing Communications and Media – Castorama

GUILHEM BODIN, partners – Converteo

ANDRES MENAJOVSKY co-founder, Viuz & Co

Additional speakers will be announced shortly.

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