Linkedin is not Facebook

The purpose of a LinkedIn account is different from a personal account on Facebook because the purpose of these two social media is not the same.

A Linkedin account certainly serves to distract you but it is above all a professional account.

Include your name to increase your presence on LinkedIn. The most effective is to choose your first and last name.

Then add a photo to humanize and lend credibility to your profile. To ensure better visibility, choose the keywords to include in your description.

You can use variations on your title, information, experience, education, and skills.

Although having a visible profile is essential, it is not a good thing to be quoted wrongly and thoroughly on this social network. You must be quoted on something that is relevant to your profile.

Again, your behavior should be professional. It’s not good for you to be quoted on content with no added value.

That’s why you need to delete people who mention you for no reason.

It’s not okay for your brand image to be mentioned in a silly joke about your profession.

Even if this person thinks they’re helping you by increasing the visibility of your profile, it’s not recommended. This is why family and friends shouldn’t be included in your LinkedIn network.

If you want to expand to other content, you can create a dedicated LinkedIn account.
With this account, you won’t have to work on your profile. The goal is to see content without filters unlike an account which is used to increase your visibility or find customers.

In other words, you browse anonymously in relation to your professional account. However, that doesn’t mean you can do everything.

To enjoy the best content, follow the right people and create the account too. This is the only way to have relevant content.

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