Is it worth buying resale products in physical stores?

Is it worth buying resale products in physical stores?

I have never ordered as much product as this summer. The situation is also different from other years. We have capital that generates costs. If not spent, it cannot generate profitability. That’s why it’s important to spend it in a timely but wise manner.

The focus is on Lego as it allows buying large quantities with medium to low risk. In the last two weeks I’ve started buying 10 x 10 units of a semi-exclusive Lego that isn’t sold in all stores. It’s practically impossible to get online anymore, and even less so at the price I found. I reserve it online for 30 euros and with a bit of luck I can get an additional 10% discount, but I won’t know until I pick them up at the store today. The target price would be around 70-90 euros, but I haven’t calculated the selling costs in detail yet. The time to liquidate the stocks I’m accumulating would be this Christmas. I’m going to try to get around 200 units, so I’d bet around $6,000 on this set.

The question is. Is it profitable to do it?

In my case, I assume that it takes about 45-60 minutes between departure and return. On this trip I collected between 30 and 60 sets worth between 900 and 1,800 euros and made a profit of 450 to 900 euros. If you calculate the profit per hour (I know that’s not 100% correct), the ROI is correct. On the other hand, if you start without a specific goal and end up finding a product in two hours that makes a potential profit of 20 euros, it is still not that profitable.

It must also be said that often one does not know what one is going to find. If your alternative is to be at home playing a video game or watching a series on Netflix, your time is not so badly used as you can consider it an investment at the learning level.

It’s all about appreciating what you get out of the action. How much do you want to earn per hour? If you do your homework well and plan your purchase, it can be worth doing. If you improvise and risk wasting time, physically buying for resale is still not that profitable.

Let’s see how the play does not come out today with the collection of the sets.

Stay tuned.

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