Instagram is launching a new service: Live Producer

Instagram announced the arrival of a new Instagram Live Producer. This new service offers users the ability to stream to Instagram from a computer using third-party software such as OBS or Streamlabs. Instagram provides creators with a stream key to add Instagram Live as a streaming endpoint to broadcast the live on the social network.

A new feature for streaming on Instagram

Instagram wants Enhance the Lives experience and enable creators to make something live quality. This is why the social network was created. Instagram Live Producer ». A new service that does the connection between software streaming and Instagram Live.

“We are currently testing the ability to live stream from streaming software with a small group of partners,” said an Instagram spokesperson.

Live producer appreciated accessible via a computer and allows users to use additional tools (multiple cameras, different microphones) than what their mobile phone offers. With this novelty, the live becomes more relevant and participate the expansion of live shopping on Instagram. Access to this service is initially available to a limited group of users.

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