Instagram is finally taking its app's scheduled posts out of the oven

Instagram is finally taking its app’s scheduled posts out of the oven

Until now, content programming on Instagram was only possible through the Facebook Creator Studio tool and external apps.

Content programming , a feature that should have landed on Instagram a long time ago (as Adam Mosseri, the boss of the famous social network confesses), will finally be a reality on this platform. This was announced yesterday afternoon by Mosseri in a video shared via his personal Instagram account.

Until now, and to the chagrin of creators, programming content on Instagram was only possible through the Facebook Creator Studio tool and external applications.

With its new feature that has just been released, Instagram intends to make a lot of creators, many of whom have complained bitterly in recent months about the opaque functioning of the social network’s algorithm and being forced to create more Reels and post less. of posts in the “feed”. » . And it is that, overwhelmed by the growing heyday of TikTok, the subsidiary Meta is increasingly looking at itself in the mirror of the social network of Chinese origin (although it looks like a burnt horn for many of its users) .

Scheduling content in the Instagram app should be a source of joy for creators , who until now had to take refuge in tools like Hootsuite, Facelift or Facebook Creator Studio to schedule posts and Reels.

After initially being tested by a small number of creators for several months, the Instagram scheduler is now officially launched. Thus, influencers and social media managers of brands will be able to schedule content up to 75 days in advance on the social network.

Instagram has also made improvements to its website for desktop devices

For now, the new feature will only and exclusively benefit Instagram business accounts. And it’s unclear if private accounts will also be able to get started with this feature in the future.

Beyond content programming, Instagram has announced a second novelty that, in this case, affects the website for the social network’s desktop devices. The web of old has been redesigned to be “cleaner, faster and easier to use” and to take advantage of “multitasking” in the network of networks.

Although the changes to Instagram’s website are not in line with Instagram’s “mobile first” approach, they are a way to give this website more relevance compared to tools from external vendors.

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