Improve Your YouTube Channel: Top 4 Video Editing Tools

Improve Your YouTube Channel: Top 4 Video Editing Tools

Launched in 2005, YouTube is currently the second largest search engine after Google.

Almost 2.7 billion People use YouTube around the world every month and 87.7% of those users access it from their mobile phones.

Due to the large amount of video content available on the platform, you’ll want to make sure yours stands out.

For this to happen, you need to master effective content creation tipsuse fantastic lighting and invest in powerful video editing software.

There are tons of editing tools on the market that promise amazing results.

To help you eliminate noise, I have curated a list of the 4 best YouTube video editing software.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, there is something for you. Keep reading.

1. Movavi Video Editor

The first on the list is the Movavi video editorone of the best YouTube video editing software for beginners.

It allows you to create engaging videos using advanced tools like audio correction, motion tracking, and chroma key without requiring any technical knowledge.

Additionally, you’ll find several ready-made YouTube intro videos and a large library of background music and audio clips.

Although the user interface is easy to navigate, Movavi still offers video tutorials so you can feel confident while editing.

Movavi runs on Windows (versions 7 to 11) and Mac OS X (10.15 or higher).

Key Features

  • AI Background Remover: Replace backgrounds without green screen
  • AI Motion Tracker: Paste effects and images on moving objects.
  • Precise frame cuts: Make precision cuts and eye-catching montages with just one click
  • Color correction: Enhance colors so viewers can stay glued to your YouTube channel.
  • overlay effect: Offers 13 blending modes to create professional-looking videos
  • 4k resolution: Save videos in ultra high quality format
  • YouTube integration: Saves you time by sharing videos directly to YouTube


Movavi offers a generous free plan and three paid plans with different feature sets. These are the prices of the different plans offered:

  • Free
  • Video editor: $49.95/year
  • Video editor + effects packs: $155.95/year
  • Video suite + effects packs: $94.95/year


Easy to use

Tool level

Beginner Intermediate

2. Adobe Premiere Pro

If you are looking for the best YouTube video editing software that can transform a basic clip into an upload-ready video, Adobe Premiere Pro It’s your best bet.

Integrates with all Adobe Creative Cloud applications to help you streamline your workflow.

Adobe Premiere Pro has a wide range of features, from color correction and visual effects tools to team collaboration tools.

Additionally, you can optimize your export settings to preserve the quality of your YouTube videos when you share them online.

Although Premiere Pro is popular among professional video editors, follow the video steps for beginners provided on the platform to learn how to use it. All you need is a powerful computer and a willingness to study the available tutorials.

The app is compatible with Windows (10 or later) and macOS Monterey (version 12 or later).

Key Features

  • Text-based editing: Eliminate pauses with ease
  • Project templates: Preserve assets, colors and brands across multiple projects
  • Speech to text conversion– Automatically create subtitles and transcripts in over 18 languages
  • Automatic reframing– Automatically detect and adjust aspect ratios for easy uploading to YouTube
  • adobe library: Provides access to archival video footage, photos and over 75,000 audio tracks and remixes the duration to fit your video.


Adobe Premier Pro offers two paid plans. Here are the details:

  • Pro Premiere: $29.99/month
  • All Creative Cloud apps: $59.99/month


Has a steep learning curve

Tool level

Advanced Intermediate

3. Shooting cut

Available on Linux, Windows and macOS, shooting cut is a comprehensive YouTube video editing software solution.

Supports various video and audio files including AVI, WAV and MP4.

Video editing software is great for complex projects, allowing you to combine multiple audio, image, and video files into a single video.

Furthermore, the editing on the platform does not follow a chronological order; You can make changes at any time.

Shotcut may not be the best editing tool for new content creators due to the learning curve.

However, the platform has a video editing guideincluding a community of Shotcut users who are ready to help you.

Key Features

  • Native timeline editing: Supports all video and audio formats including 4k and 8k resolutions
  • Cross-platform editing: Gives you the option to start a project on macOS and switch to Windows seamlessly
  • Video effects: Offers built-in effects like auto rotation, white balance, timeline fader, and 360° video filters, without installing any plugins.
  • Viewing and tracking: Ability to preview videos in low resolution to improve the speed of real-time effects
  • keyframes: Option to define the start and end points of effects along the video timeline, such as transition, sound, and brightness or contrast.


Shotcut is completely free to use as it is an open source software solution


It has a steep learning curve.

Tool level


4. Lights

If you are looking to create the best videos in a short time, light works It is the way to go.

It is the best YouTube video editing software for beginners who are willing to learn how to edit videos as they grow their YouTube channels.

Like Shotcut, the platform is loaded with all the tools you need to go from beginner to pro.

You can edit, correct colors, add titles, and more using the drag and drop interface.

Additionally, it supports YouTube video format and resolution for easy content uploading.

All versions of Lightworks can run on Windows (8 and later), macOS (10.14 and later), and Linux.

Key Features

  • Universal Timeline– Supports video streams of any quality, size or frame rate
  • Flawless audio editing: Offers various audio effects and the option to sync with video for an immersive experience
  • Visual effects: Offers a simplified set of over 700 titles and customizable motion graphics for easy and advanced editing.
  • Export and share easily: Allows you to share videos on YouTube directly from the platform


These are the pricing plans that Lightworks offers.

  • Free
  • Create: $9.99/month
  • Pro: $23.99/month


Easy to use

Tool level


Pro tip: According stroke guide, the best video maker can offer training resources for non-technical users. This is especially designed for video marketers who do not have great skills in video creation and editing.

Choosing the best YouTube video editing software

Getting the best YouTube video editing software shouldn’t cost a fortune.

Platforms like Shotcut and Lightworks offer free tools for both beginners and expert editors.

However, if your YouTube channel is already monetized and you are willing to spend money on a super advanced tool, Premiere Pro will be ideal.

Finally, if you’re ready to level up your video editing game, try Movavi today. You’ll save money by accessing advanced editing features.

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