Imagine France in twenty-five years of #imaginary #perspectives #ways of life

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Demonstrations in Nantes, in 2019. (Sebastien SALOM-GOMIS/AFP)

For lack of sufficient projection into the future, our country is today on the verge of a deep crisis. But it’s not too late to imagine what our society will be like in a few years and prepare better now, Jacques Attali hopes.

If there is one lesson to be learned from the regrettable failure to debate pensions, it is France’s – and Europe more generally –’s astonishingly unpreparedness to meet the long-term challenges. To the point that the President of the Republic, who still has four long years ahead of him, offers the country only a three-month agenda.

Unlike other countries, in France there is no serious reflection on what the country could become in 2030, in seven years, that is tomorrow morning; and even less about what it can choose to become in 2040 or 2050.


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the new imaginaries of ecology

The fresco of imaginations (3 hours).
The ambition of the Fresque des Imaginaires is to bring out positive, responsible and desirable ecological imaginaries. Imagination is giving yourself the opportunity to look at things as if they could be different. This is the whole meaning of this fantasy fresco which invites participants to adopt lifestyles that take into account both ecological constraints and their wishes for a future life. Our relationship with nature structures our representations of reality and consequently our lifestyles. Reconnecting with yourself, with others and with nature allows you to project yourself into a future where life is beautiful. The fresco of the imagination allows you to project yourself into the future through 4 relationships with nature that inspire the participants who will be led to create group collages. It is thematic, for example: living on earth in 2050. Find out more

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