How to optimize your TikTok SEO?

How to optimize your TikTok SEO?

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It is crucial to think about TikTok SEO when posting videos on the social network.

More and more young people have the reflex to go to TikTok instead of Google to investigate.

Therefore, it is essential, when you put your content online, to think twice about the keywords in your subheadings.

I will explain throughout this article how you can optimize your content to increase the visibility of your videos.

What is TikTok SEO?

This is a desire to make your videos stand out better in TikTok search results.

TikTok’s algorithm currently publishes videos based on users’ identified interests, based on various factors, including the posts they engage with, the accounts they follow, and other signals.

With an SEO strategy, you can create content that works for the algorithm and is also likely to be found through video search.

Why is TikTok SEO important?

TikTok is defined primarily as an entertainment platform, not really a search engine, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t used in this sense as well.

The social network has search engine-inspired features, such as similar keyword suggestions in the search bar, as well as in the “Comments” section of the videos.

So, as more and more users use TikTok search, it is important to develop a solid TikTok SEO strategy.

4 methods to optimize your TikTok SEO

Here are different ways to optimize your SEO on TikTok search.

1) Embed keywords in subtitles and videos

The first step in research to optimize your TikTok content is to include descriptive and relevant keywords that your audience is likely to search for.

Here are 3 places you could integrate them:

  • subtitles (you have 2,000 characters to express yourself)
  • automatic subtitles
  • the text added in the video

2) Add up to 5 relevant hashtags

Using the right TikTok hashtags can allow you to stand out with your target audience, which will lead to more interactions and certainly new subscribers to your account.

Therefore, it is ideal to use popular and specific hashtags to get the best of both worlds.

Popular hashtags can reach large audiences but are very competitive, while specific hashtags reach people who are already interested in your content.

3) Use TikTok music trends

Many users claim that music in videos is essential for an enjoyable viewing experience.

Also, it’s very clear that the algorithm favors videos with popular music, because you’re more likely to like videos with sounds that you’ve already spent time on.

I wrote an article about it here: How to find trending TikTok music?

4) Be regular with your content niche

The more you use the same keywords for your content, the more likely it is to stand out in search results.

It’s very hard to rank well for just one video, but by posting multiple videos, you’ll have more opportunities to stand out competitively.

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