How to multiply your list of subscribers to your blog in 3 months

How to multiply your list of subscribers to your blog in 3 months

One of the most important aspects in an email marketing campaign is the quality of the subscriber list. It is useless to have thousands of registrations if, when making a mailing, the opening rate is very low and the bounce rate is very high. In this article we explain different types of lead magnet to attract qualified subscribers and thus achieve a quality email marketing list.

Create a lead magnet.

The first step to attracting quality registrations is to have a strong magnet, that is, a lead magnet. But what is this?

AND lead magnet It is a highly valuable content that is offered free of charge to those who leave us their personal or professional data. A highly recommended strategy to generate a database of potential customers.

This content will always have to be related to your brand, product or service. For example, if you are a company that provides services or products for hotels, why not offer them a guide of “How to succeed on TripAdvisor«.

Examples of lead magnets.

Here are some examples of the most common lead magnets:

gain subscribers

Value Content.

The quality content of a blog is the best lead magnet that we can create. If this is your case, surely a significant percentage of your readers, in order not to miss your next publications, choose to subscribe to your blog. In this way, you can periodically create a WordPress newsletter with your latest articles or other information of interest.

A NewsletterAs I well explained in the article «E-mail marketing: How to plan a campaign«, is a content that is usually sent periodically. They can include different types of content: articles, course information, offers, promotions, etc.

Premium Content.

There are various formats of premium content: videos, e-books, infographics, templates, tutorials, studies… It must be content that is of interest and useful to our target audience. Any user can download or consult it “free” in exchange for leaving us their email and, in any case, their name. Remember that the less data you ask for, the higher the conversion rate (subscription).

In a subscription form, the less data you ask for, the better.

An example is the guide on “How to gain followers on IG” that I have published on this same blog.

This type of content requires hours of work, research and dedication. It must be very good content. And if so, your readers will thank you.

Free webinars or video tutorials

Scheduling free webinars or creating tutorial videos are also a very effective formula for capturing registrations. But as we will see in this article, it requires a dissemination campaign.


The discount policy is always an effective strategy to add subscribers. Offering a discount coupon to those who leave us their data through a subscription form is another good strategy to capture leads from users interested in our product or service.

Sweepstakes by registration.

Sweepstakes on social networks are a very effective tactical action to achieve different digital marketing objectives, one of which concerns us in this article.

It is about raffling content that is only of interest to your potential subscribers and not to other users. Only in this way will you be able to have a qualified database.

For example, if you raffle a ham to gain subscribers to this blog, people who are not in the least interested in digital marketing, but who are interested in ham, would sign up. However, if the prize is a digital marketing book, 100% of those who participate will match my target audience.

Exclusive benefits.

Offering exclusive content or a series of benefits to those who leave us their data is also a good lead magnet.

Of course, already in the subscription confirmation email we must send one of those advantages or benefits, for example, a free subscription to exclusive content.

Creation of the subscription form.

Once decided and created the lead magnet It’s time to design the subscription form. It is in it where the second phase of the conversion funnel of an email marketing campaign takes place. We talk about the phase of consideration. The moment in which the user considers or not to subscribe.

The first phase (consciousness or knowledge) is when the user is aware of our brand or content. We will analyze it at point “Activation: How to capture leads.”.

To get the subscription “data” we have three options: POP UP, embedded form or landing page. I will explain each one of them.

Subscription POP UP.

POP UPs are pop-up subscription forms that appear when a user is browsing a website.

If you want to obtain a good conversion rate, I recommend that the pop up does not appear until after the first 30 seconds of browsing. Before it is too invasive.

If you incentivize subscription by offering premium content – ​​an e-book, for example -, you will get a better conversion rate than if you only “promise” to send your next articles.

Embedded forms.

Embedded forms are those that appear integrated into the body of an article.

If you’ve created one for premium content, embed it in all similarly themed articles.

Landing page.

A landing page or landing page designed exclusively to achieve a conversion, in this case, a registration.

This must include, among other elements, arguments that reinforce the desire to subscribe, the subscription form and the call to action.

Remember that the fewer elements it contains and the clearer the call to action (CTA), the better results.

Link it to a subscription list.

Once the form, pop up or landing page has been designed and programmed, it must be linked to a subscription list.

A subscription list is a element of great value in a mail marketing strategy Oriented to generate sales and / or loyalty visits to a blog.

The important thing is not to have many subscribers, but that they are really interested in the product/content/service.

is the sum of all contacts who have subscribed to a web page or blog. Stores the data of registered users: email, name, surname…

In a subscription list, it is the users who decide to be part of it and have the option to unsubscribe or modify their preferences at any time.

Activation: How to capture leads?

As I indicated before, like any marketing strategy, the The first phase of the conversion funnel or marketing funnel is “knowledge”. Without making our lead magnet known, there will never be a consideration phase, “subscription”.

And to achieve this, the first point is to attract visitors to our lead magnet. We can do it through different tactical actions. Below I present the most common ones.

Facebook Ads campaign.

Plan an advertising campaign on Facebook Ads with the aim of generating traffic to the article presenting the premium content or landing page that you have created. This way you will get a percentage of those who access to subscribe if the “hook” is attractive enough.

To find out which of the two options will work best for you, plan an ad group to drive traffic to the article and another to the landing page. And based on the results, decide.

SEO positioning.

It is important that you publicize the premium content that you have created in a post on your blog and optimize it so that it is positioned for those keywords that have the most search volume and best define it. If you don’t know how to optimize it for SEO, I invite you to read this article.

Social networks.

Take advantage of your social networks to publicize the lead magnet and thus increase your subscribers. LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook are networks that can generate a lot of traffic if you have a loyal community.

Offline Actions.

If you give training, participate in round tables or attend a networking meeting, take advantage of your presentation to publicize your blog. In addition to improving your personal brand, you are also very likely to add new subscribers.

Success story: How to double your subscriber list in 3 months

Until a few months ago I did not follow any subscription campaign to my newsletter. Just a POP UP without a hook product and a subscription form. I was adding new records organically, but very little by little. And all these new ones, attracted by the generated content.

I decided to bet on designing a strategy to multiply the number of subscribers in a few weeks. And I have achieved it! In just three months I have multiplied the number of directs. I’ll tell you how I got it.

  1. Creation of premium content.

    The first thing I did was write and design an e-book with 25 effective strategies to gain followers on Instagram. A content of great value for those who are dedicated to social media.

  2. Creation of POP UP and subscription form.

    Then I programmed in Mailiter – the mail marketing manager that I use – a POP UP and a subscription form.

  3. Subscription workflow.

    Also in Mailliter I programmed a very simple workflow. Those who left their data in the POP UP or form automatically added their data to a subscription list and received the premium content via email.

  4. Article writing.

    To publicize this premium content, I wrote an article, published it and included the subscription form in it.

  5. SEO optimization

    As I do with each article, I optimized it so that it ranks in Google in the best possible positions for the kewyords that interest me the most: gain instagram followers, get instagram followers, etc.

  6. Viralization of article.

    I viralized it through my social networks and shared it on different platforms.

  7. Advertising campaign.

    Lastly, I planned an advertising campaign on Facebook ads so that users interested in Instagram knew about the e-book and were interested in downloading it. I only invested €30!

This is all I did for double in just 3 months the number of subscribers to my blog. During this year I have achieved the same followers as in the last 7 years. How about?

Now the next step is to plan an email marketing campaign. If you don’t know how, I invite you to read this article carefully. I await your comments!

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