How to get involved with the zero carbon goal?

Zero carbon target, why? The answer is obvious. ✅ How? This is where it gets complicated… 😬 How do you actually involve internal employees in this big decarbonization topic? How do you personally encourage each employee to use the right environmental gestures? The We Are COM Club received a lesson in engagement from four experts in responsible business transformation: Valérie Sauteret (Europcar), Emmanuel Petit (Matmut), Elodie Citroen (OGIC) and Sophie Jayet (Unilever). 🚀 Zero carbon goal, Horizon 2050, let’s go! Words from the experts Valérie Sauteret, Director of Communications and Corporate Engagement at Europcar Mobility Group Emmanuel Petit, Director of CSR at Matmut Group Élodie Citroen, Director of Communications and CSR at Ogic Sophie Jayet, Director of Communications and Corporate Affairs, CSR, Unilever Partnerships, Issue Management How is CSR structured in your company? What decarbonization strategies are there?

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