How to create a LinkedIn event from your Page?

How to create a LinkedIn event from your Page?

Need create a LinkedIn event for your business to promote an event online or offline?

Look no further: you’ve come to the right place.

today I explain what is a LinkedIn event, how to create it and how to promote it.

While it is possible to create a LinkedIn event with a profile, this article is only about creating an event with a Page.

1. What is a LinkedIn event?

LinkedIn Event is a product that allows you to create a online or offline event : conference, webinar, question and answer session, product launch, round table, etc.

Once created, users register and then participate.

For online events, users can ask questions, participate in discussions, and watch the live stream.

For offline events, users can show up at the event location and participate in person.

The LinkedIn event is useful for build your brand, connect with your community or generate business opportunities.

2. How do I create a LinkedIn event?

In this part I show you how to create your linkedin event, how to change itand how to delete it.

First, make sure you have sufficient administrative rights, i.e. a role of super administrator or content administrator.

2.1. Create a LinkedIn event from your Page

To create your LinkedIn event, choose one of the following 3 options:

  • Management Tools > Create Event.
  • Left column > manage > event > press the cross.
  • Publish Tool > Create Event.
create linkedin event from post tool

Then upload your cover photo.

add linkedin event cover photo

Please note that coverage of a LinkedIn event must be in 16:9 format.

About Image size of your LinkedIn eventI recommend the dimensions 1280 x 720 pixels.

Once your image has uploaded, click the alt text to add an image description.

Continue filling in the event information:

  • the type of event
  • The format of the event (online event)
  • The name of the eventunique and clear on the subject, with one or more keywords for SEO
  • the time zone
  • Start date and time
  • physical address (in-person event)
  • The external link of the event (in-person event)(not required)
create linkedin event information
believe evenement linkedin description

When it comes to the format of the event, you currently have 2 options:

  • LinkedIn live (available if you have access to LinkedIn Live)
  • external event link

Please note that the LinkedIn audio event is being rolled out to Pages.

To create a LinkedIn live (with live video streaming on LinkedIn), you will need to use one of LinkedIn’s partner solutions. Please note that you cannot stream directly to LinkedIn from a native feature.

To create a live off LinkedIn (and only promote your event on LinkedIn), fill out a link to a page on your website with a registration form or indicate the link to a ticket management service For example.

If your event is paid and your website is not equipped with an online payment solution, opt for a ticketing service that offers a paid ticketing system.

Then choose if you want to use the LinkedIn signup form to generate a registration form pre-filled with data from LinkedIn profiles.

If so, you will need to add the link to your privacy policy which will explain to participants how you will use their information.

You will then be able to retrieve the reported information from the event page via Manage > Manage Participants > Download log data.

After, add an attractive description that describes your event with all the necessary information. For an online event, make it clear that attendees must register through the event’s external link.

If your description can have up to 5,000 characters, I invite you to optimize the first visible linesbefore the link See more.

If your event includes Speakers, complete your profile in the field provided.

Keep in mind that you It must be a first level relationship in order to perform this action.

The speakers are then automatically invited to the event.

Once you have filled in all the information, click Next.

After, share your event in a post using the best practices to optimize it (capture, call to action, hashtag, etc.).

share post event LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn event will be created only after you have completed this procedure.

Once created, your LinkedIn event is available on your LinkedIn page in theevents tab and in the “Upcoming event” section of reception.

He is also identifiable through LinkedIn’s internal search engine.

2.2. Edit a LinkedIn event

Pour edit your LinkedIn eventDo the following:

  • Go to your event page.
  • Select your LinkedIn event.
  • Click Manage > Edit event.
  • Make the necessary changes.
  • Click Save.

Here are some facts to keep in mind:

  • The event organizer, type, and format cannot be changed after the event is published.
  • You can edit an event only if it is not active or has not finished.
  • Attendees are notified if the location or time has changed.

23. Delete a LinkedIn event

Pour delete your event from LinkedInDo the following:

  • Go to your event page.
  • Select your LinkedIn event.
  • Click Manage > Delete.

Here are some facts to keep in mind:

  • When you delete your event, all associated posts and conversations are also deleted, including yours and those of your attendees.
  • This deletion is final, without the possibility of restoration, and without prior notice to the participants.
  • You cannot delete an event in progress.
  • You can delete a past event 7 days after it ends.

3. How to promote your LinkedIn event?

If you want to give your LinkedIn event maximum visibility, start your promotion 2-4 weeks in advance.

For this, the platform offers several native solutions.

Invite your top-level contacts

Linkedin Guest Relations Event

You can invite your top-level connections using the dedicated feature available directly from your LinkedIn Events Page.

Each admin (super admin or content admin) can sendr up to 1000 invitations per week.

A good use is for invite only people who may be interested in your eventinstead of all your top-notch connections.

Refine your search based on the available filters if necessary: ​​places, current company, school, industry.

Remember that LinkedIn does not allow you to invite followers to your LinkedIn page (unless they are part of your top-tier connections).

Share your LinkedIn event

Always from the same place, you have a hand to communicate about your event on or off LinkedIn.

With Post to newsfeedyou share as a page a new post that includes your event and the nested option to register.

With send Messageyou share your event as a profile in a private message to one or more people.

You can also share your event on Twitter and Facebook or in other platforms copying the event URL.

Use LinkedIn advertising

To promote your event in a paid way, you have 2 possibilities at your disposal:

  • Booster your post from your LinkedIn page,
  • Create an advertising campaign with the LinkedIn ads event format through the ad manager.

The push is done from your LinkedIn page and relates to the advertising purpose Commitment either brand awareness.

The ad campaign is created through the ad manager and is tied to the objective. Brand Awareness o Website Visits o Engagementwith announcement event format.

Choose one or the other of its options depending on your desire to access all the parameters of a LinkedIn advertising campaign, your experience in LinkedIn advertising and the degree of simplicity/complexity sought.

LinkedIn FAQ Event

What notifications does the event send?

For event attendees, they include:

  • A reminder notification about the event start date and time, sent to members 7 days and 3 days before the event, as well as 15 minutes before the event.
  • A notification about changes to the event, such as the date, time, and location of the event or if it has been cancelled.


LinkedIn Events allow companies promote an event to a professional target audience, Demonstrate your expertise in a certain areaand build meaningful relationships with attendees.

While creating a LinkedIn event is simple, it’s important spend time planning the event and in the communication before, during and after.

Don’t forget to include detailed information for your LinkedIn event.

If you do not send an email satisfaction form at the end of your event, request the comments of the participants in the corresponding section to measure your impact and in learn lessons about your future events.

By following these steps, you can make the most of LinkedIn Events features to grow your brand, build relationships, and generate leads.

your turn now

What do you think of LinkedIn events? Share your thoughts, tips, or questions in the comments below.

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How to create a LinkedIn event from your Page?

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