How a cookie recipe attacks climatosceptics La Réclame

How a cookie recipe attacks climatosceptics – La Réclame

The ultimate hack?

Free will is the ability of an individual to make decisions and choices independently, without being entirely conditioned by external factors such as the environment, social pressures or pre-existing causes. Disinformation, on the other hand, is the deliberate dissemination of false or misleading information with the aim of manipulating opinions and beliefs. In a time like ours it is important not to forget their definition. Besides being a simple phenomenon, climate change represents a battle of opinions aimed at conquering the territory of Truth. The one that will shape history and put people in a position to determine their own destiny.

The NewsJacker site, developed in collaboration between Clemenger BBDO and theAustralian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC), aims to combat climate change skepticism by addressing online misinformation and recommendation algorithm trends. Taking an ingenious approach, the site submits a real fake cookie recipe. However, once opened, the site’s technology updates the user’s online cookies to give the impression that they care about the weather. In return, the user begins to receive concrete information on climate change. Cunning.

The initiative aims to raise awareness of the dangers of disinformation, especially as 42% of Australians express skepticism towards climate change, often under the influence of media, algorithms and politics.

The campaign was launched to encourage young Australians to engage in the climate change debate by tackling filter bubbles and drawing attention to crucial discussions. Whether you’re from here or from elsewhere, keep an eye out. And the good.

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