Get product SERP features with this ecommerce information [Estudio de Semrush]

Get product SERP features with this ecommerce information [Estudio de Semrush]

To better understand how products appear in search engine results page (SERP) features, Semrush collected 7,000 product search results to find out which features stand out.

SERP functionality on mobile and desktop

Semrush looked at five product-related features and how they appear on both desktop and mobile: popular products, product filter, refinement, buying guide, and related products.

Highlight the following in your search results:

  • Most features show similar frequencies on both mobile and desktop.
  • The Popular Products feature has the highest frequency, accounting for 79% of product searches on mobile devices.
  • The Product Filter feature shows the greatest difference between mobile (36%) and desktop (61%).

The table above can help you make informed decisions about which features are best for your customers.

SERP eCommerce Feature Breakdown

Popular products

The Popular Products feature displays relevant items from various e-commerce stores.

An example of the layout of popular products in a Google SERP.

On desktop, a maximum of 32 products are displayed, while on mobile the maximum number is 10. This means that you can view more products on desktop than on mobile.

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On average, fewer unique shops are displayed on mobile devices (three), compared to desktop search, which is up to five.

Product filter

The Product Filter feature appears at the top of the SERPs, on desktop only. It suggests keywords that clarify the search query.

A screenshot of what the product filter SERP feature looks like on Google for leather products.


The Refine feature contains a list of related search queries that help you narrow down your product search by category.

A screenshot of what the Refine SERP feature looks like in Google search.

Mobile devices display up to 36 categories, while desktop devices display up to five.

On mobile, the Refine feature is less product-oriented than on desktop and resembles the Related Keywords feature for non-purchase related searches.

A screenshot of the Refine this search feature on Google's SERPs.

Shopping Guide

The Buying Guide is a list of questions about product features related to your search query. As with the More User Questions feature, you can expand each block to learn more about a specific product feature.

A screenshot of what a Search Engine Buying Guide SERP feature looks like.

By default only four items are displayed; Click “Other Considerations” to see more questions. On average, seven blocks appear on both mobile and desktop devices.

The average number of questions and the median number of questions are the same in all cases (7), both for computer and mobile.

related products

Like the most popular products, the Related Products tool displays a variety of relevant items from a variety of different stores. Unlike popular products, it provides more information about each item and is formatted to encourage comparison.

Desktop view:

A screenshot of the Related Products SERP feature on Google for desktop.

Mobile View:

A screenshot of the Related Products SERP feature on Google for mobile.

The percentage of products related to reviews is almost identical on both desktop (99.32%) and mobile (99.02%). Related descriptions appear much less frequently on mobile devices (11.49%).

Regarding the average number of products, desktop shows five items, while mobile shows four.


Most of these blocks contain products with reviews, underlining the importance of getting customer reviews for each product.

Enhance your product sheets with Semrush data

Optimizing your product listings for Shopify or Amazon is just the beginning. With this data, collected by Semrush, you can focus on the SERP features of Google products to increase your visibility and reach.

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If you want more tools to build your e-commerce business, check out our collection of e-commerce applications.

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