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Amazon is an e-commerce giant known to all internet users around the world for its wide variety of products. In just a few years, this site has managed to weave its web on the Internet and has significantly expanded its activities.

When Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994, it specialized in selling books online. Then the company quickly expanded its catalog with various cultural and commercial items. Its activity has also evolved, adding to e-commerce connected objects, a video-on-demand platform, supermarkets, a music streaming service, etc.

Today, the multinational is indispensable and part of the famous GAFAM alongside Google, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft. And like them, it is now present in the online advertising market with Amazon Ads.

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The third online advertising agency, after Google and Facebook, that enables brands and e-commerce websites to distribute campaigns on product pages and Amazon search results pages. This allows advertisers to increase their visibility on the site, which is the case in France You run e-commerceand generate more sales. Still, one must make good use of this advertising platform and optimize the ads in order for them to bear fruit. For this reason, our team at Powertrafic supports its customers in managing their campaigns.

Creation, optimization, follow-up… we take care of everything to ensure the effectiveness of your ads. And as an Amazon Ads agency, we can show you this platform in detail. How it works, formats available, advantages… we offer you a dive into the heart of the Amazon advertising universe.

Amazon Ads: What is it?

The e-commerce giant’s advertising division offers a similar service to its competitors. This allows advertisers to promote their products or services on its platform. All they have to do is create and manage campaigns. Several customizable formats are currently available to suit different business objectives. Until then, it looks like Google Ads or Meta with Facebook Ads. But there’s still one big difference: Amazon’s customer database.

In fact, the e-commerce site is number 1 in many countries, including France, and that too in 2022 more than 310 million customers in the world. Therefore, the potential for advertisers looking to gain visibility and increase their sales and revenue is significant.

Why Advertise on Amazon’s Ecommerce Site?

With Amazon Ads, it is possible to target a qualified and highly engaged audience with real purchase intent. Amazon is more than just an e-commerce site, it has evolved over time into a search engine for Internet users to research products before they buy them.

Therefore, by advertising on this website, a business can:

  • increase its sales;
  • improve its visibility;
  • Generate qualified traffic to your website.
  • gain new clients;
  • expand its business internationally.

Especially since the use of Amazon Ads is a supplement to Google and Facebook Ads. These 3 solutions can thus be part of the same one SEA strategy to maximize the conversion rate and increase awareness of a brand, a company.

Since Amazon is an e-commerce site – which Google is not – internet users who search for products there are already ready to buy. They are therefore more receptive to the ads offered.

And advertisers benefit from other advantages that apply specifically to Amazon’s activities and make it a particularly interesting advertising network:

  • quantitative and qualitative data about the customers of the platform;
  • advanced and highly effective targeting options;
  • a precise algorithm that has access to customers’ purchase history and can predict their purchase intentions.

The formats available on the Amazon Advertising advertising platform

Nowadays, Amazon Ads offers advertisers 7 ad formats. All meet commercial goals and help increase their visibility among platform users and their sales. In order to choose them correctly and fully realize the potential of a campaign on Amazon, you need to know the specifics of these formats and the goals they achieve. As an Amazon Ads agency, our team will help you see the e-commerce giant’s promotional offers more clearly.

Sponsored Products

Sponsored Product Ads are used to promote products on Amazon’s search results pages. They are characterized by:

  • their cost-per-click billing;
  • their simplicity of creation.

So, to create a Sponsored Products campaign, all you have to do is:

  1. Define the budget and duration of the campaign.
  2. Select the keywords/products you want to target or opt for automatic targeting.
  3. Select the products to advertise and specify the bid amount before launching the campaign.

Sponsored Brands

The Sponsored Brands format is great for promoting a brand and its products on Amazon results pages and increasing user awareness. With this advertising that values ​​creativity, it is possible to:

  • display a brand’s logo;
  • Customize the ad title.
  • promote multiple products.

Billing is also done through CPC and creating a Sponsored Brands campaign is quite easy as it requires:

  1. Specify the duration and budget of the campaign.
  2. Create a personalized ad by choosing a title and products to promote.
  3. Specify the target keywords and bid amount for the clicks.
  4. Submit the ad for review, which will be reviewed within a maximum of 72 hours.

Sponsored Ad

Sponsored Display ads integrate directly into Amazon users’ shopping journey to engage them. They are based on:

  • precise targeting and retargeting options;
  • CPC or cost per 1000 viewable impression billing.

Unlike the previous formats, you don’t need to define any keywords. In order to attract Internet users, Sponsored Display relies on purchase and context signals. The creation is done with just a few clicks:

  1. determining the daily budget;
  2. selection of products
  3. Targeting choices: contextual or audiences;
  4. Information about the amount of the bids.

Video Ads and Streaming TV Advertising

With streaming TV advertising and online video formats, a brand can promote its products to relevant audiences even if they are not sold on the Amazon marketplace. These ads appear in various locations, on the e-commerce giant’s network or on third-party websites, in:

  • Streaming content, including exclusive programs available on Amazon Freevee;
  • live entertainment streamed on Twitch;
  • Sports competitions are streamed live on Prime Video;
  • network television and radio applications;
  • Fire TV Channels.

These streaming ads and video ads are displayed in two ways:

  • In-Stream (before, during or after a video);
  • Out stream (outside the video, between images and text).

Amazon DSP

The Amazon DSP format is quite different from others as it is based on a DSP console. It is software that allows automated and centralized multimedia purchases (or advertising in a programmatic way) to be carried out. It allows you to target new or existing audiences and is suitable for all advertisers, including those who don’t sell their products on Amazon.

With Amazon DSP, management can be done as follows:

  • self-service (the advertiser has full control over their campaign);
  • in the managed service (the advertiser delegates the management of their campaign to leverage Amazon DSP’s inventory). For example, this option is recommended for brands that have little or no experience in programmatic advertising.

Targeting is very precise and specific as it is based on behavioral and demographic data.

Audio Ads

As the name suggests, this format focuses on audio. There is therefore neither image nor video. Audio advertisements lasting 10 to 30 seconds are broadcast during commercial breaks between the content listened to by users of the Services:

  • Audio streaming from Amazon (e.g. news, twitch and music);
  • Tiers (Amazon Publisher Direct (ADP)).

They also have an advantage that is not negligible for an advertiser: listeners cannot skip them.

Personalized advertising solutions

The latest format available from Amazon Ads is the most comprehensive. These are personalized advertising solutions that are more innovative and are provided both online and offline. These campaigns are created by the brands in collaboration with the Brand Innovation Lab from Amazon. Their goal is to capture the interest of the site’s customers at different stages of the purchase process and increase user brand awareness.

Individual advertising solutions are developed from scratch based on Amazon purchase data.

The advertising formats offered by Amazon Ads are therefore varied, allowing each advertiser to find the one that best suits their objectives. However, depending on the ads, creating and managing ads can be complex and require specialized ad knowledge. For this reason, our agency offers its clients to manage their campaigns from creation to optimization so that they are more visible on Amazon.

Why should you entrust the management of your advertising campaigns to our Amazon Ads agency?

At Powertrafic we have a SEA unit familiar with the advertising platforms available in 2023, including Amazon Ads and Google Ads, formerly Google AdWords. By delegating the management of their campaigns to us, our customers benefit from our expertise and a tailor-made and comprehensive support. Choice of format, creation of an ad, monitoring of the campaign, optimization… we intervene at every stage. The management of your ads is in the hands of our experts who will help you get the best ROI according to your goals.

For our Amazon Ads agency, every client is unique. We therefore assign him a dedicated interlocutor who will take care of all his campaigns and with whom he can exchange information through direct contact. The absence of an intermediary facilitates collaboration and promotes the responsiveness of our SEA experts.

Additionally, while Amazon Ads campaigns can be created and managed with a few clicks, they can be complex. While this platform shares some similarities with those of Google and Facebook, it has specificities and requires specific knowledge of SEA and how Amazon works. By entrusting us with their advertising, our clients know that they can count on our know-how, professionalism and thoroughness. They also know that we are by their side to help them define the best advertising strategy on Amazon to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

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