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This awesome blog uses cookies (Cookie Policy) for things cool like seeing how many millions of people are reading it (I’d love to) or to show you more cool ads than they do that you swallow on TV. And they are all safer than Chuck Norris guarded Area 51 🥋
You can customize them to your liking here

Cookies strictly necessary for the blog to work with the most basic functions, e.g. B. so that you can safely navigate in it. Without these cookies, the blog will not work properly.

Technical storage or access is necessary for the legitimate purpose of storing preferences not requested by the subscriber or user.

Storage or technical access solely for statistical purposes.
They are used to be able to analyze visits to the blog and other statistics of this type. It is also anonymous data that cannot be used in any way to identify you.

They are used to obtain more specific user data for marketing purposes, for example to show users more interesting ads.

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