Email Software for SMEs: Selection Criteria and Top 5 Solutions

Email Software for SMEs: Selection Criteria and Top 5 Solutions

Email is an essential part of a successful marketing strategy, enabling SMBs to reach their target audience, build customer loyalty and increase sales. However, it can be difficult to choose the best email marketing platform for your business from all the options available.

In this article, we discuss the importance of emailing in a marketing strategy, define the criteria to consider when choosing a platform, and provide you with a short list of 5 particularly suitable email marketing platforms. for SMEs.

The importance of emailing in a marketing strategy

Email marketing is a powerful tool for building and maintaining relationships with your customers. It allows you to communicate directly with your audience, to promote your products and services, and to inform your customers about the latest news and offers from your company. When used effectively, email marketing can generate a significant return on investment and help your small business grow.

Here are some numbers that illustrate the importance of emailing in a marketing strategy:

  • Return on Investment (ROI) : According to a study by the Data & Marketing Association (DMA), email marketing offers an average return on investment of 122%, more than four times higher than other marketing channels such as social media, direct marketing and online advertising.
  • Open and click rate : According to a study by Campaign Monitor, average open rates for email marketing campaigns in Europe are around 24%, while click-through rates are around 3.1%. These numbers show that email marketing campaigns in Europe generate significant engagement from recipients.
  • consumer preference : An Adobe survey of European consumers found that 61% of respondents prefer to receive offers and promotions from brands via email over other communication channels.
  • Number of email users : According to Statista, there were approximately 4.3 billion email users worldwide in 2023, and that number is expected to reach 4.6 billion by 2025. This shows that e-mail is still a widely used communication channel. used and relevant to reach a wide audience.
  • Lead generation effectiveness : A survey by Demand Metric and the Content Marketing Institute found that 81% of B2B marketers believe email marketing is the most effective lead generation tactic.
3 Important Email Marketing Statistics

Selection criteria for an email platform adapted to SMEs

user friendliness

SMEs and small businesses often only have limited time and technical resources. Therefore, it is important to choose a platform that is intuitive and easy to learn, even for non-expert users.

  • mailchimp : Intuitive user interface and step-by-step instructions make it easy to create and send emails.
  • Sendinblue : platform in French with a user-friendly interface for beginners.

features and flexibility

Small businesses have unique email marketing needs. Make sure the platform offers tools for email personalization, campaign automation, data analysis, and audience segmentation, while being flexible enough to scale as your business grows.

  • Received reply : Offers complete tools for SMBs, such as personalization, automation and landing page creation.
  • ActiveCampaign : Solution focused on marketing automation and CRM, ideal for SMBs that want it

Adjusted prices

Small businesses often struggle with tight budgets. Compare offers from different platforms to choose a solution that fits your budget, taking into account any additional costs such as B. the cost of sending additional emails or access to premium features.

  • Sendinblue : Offers a free plan with basic features and affordable paid plans for small businesses.
  • MailerLite : Offers competitive and SMB-friendly plans, priced according to the number of subscribers.

Accessible and responsive customer support

SMBs and small businesses may not have dedicated teams to manage their email campaigns. Choose platforms that offer responsive and quality customer support, with online help resources, tutorials, and customer service to help you set up and manage your campaigns.

  • Sendinblue : Customer support in French, with extensive knowledge base and assistance via email and online chat.

Optimized deliverability

Email deliverability is critical to the success of your campaigns and prevents your messages from being considered spam or blocked by spam filters. Choose a platform with a solid reputation for deliverability and advice on optimization

  • mailjet : French solution with a good reputation in terms of deliverability and advice on optimizing the deliverability of your emails.

Integration with other tools

Small businesses often use multiple tools to manage their business, such as CRMs, sales management software, or social media platforms. Make sure the email platform you choose integrates easily with these tools so you can easily sync your data and streamline your overall marketing strategy.

  • mailchimp : Integrations with many popular tools like Shopify, WordPress, Salesforce and Zapier.
  • Sendinblue : Integration with CRMs, sales management software and social media platforms such as HubSpot, Pipedrive and Facebook.
Email Marketing Advantage 1
Source: MCN Rouen

Features to look for in an email marketing tool

To choose the most suitable solution for your business, examine the characteristics and specifics of each platform. Here’s what to look out for:

  • User-friendly and customizable email editor : to create attractive emails adapted to your brand image.
  • Automation of campaigns and shipping scenarios : to manage your campaigns more efficiently and save time.
  • Advanced segmentation and targeting : to target your messages according to the needs and interests of your subscribers.
  • Contact List Management etc Legal Compliance
  • Integration with other tools : to make it easier to sync your data and optimize your overall marketing strategy.
  • Reporting and Analysis : to monitor the performance of your campaigns and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • SMS Marketing Features

Top 5 Email Marketing Platforms for SMBs

Here are our top 5 email marketing solutions tailored to SMB needs, with their key benefits, costs, and marketing goals they best meet:

platform Main Assets Free plan Paid plan marketing goals
mailchimp Intuitive email editor, customizable templates, integrations Free up to 2000 contacts $31/month for 2500 contacts Suitable for SMEs that want a complete and user-friendly solution
Sendinblue Platform in French, automation, SMS marketing 300 emails/day €20/month for 10000 emails Ideal for SMEs looking for a versatile and affordable solution
Received reply Automation, landing pages, webinars not Paid plans from €12.30/month Suitable for SMBs looking to evolve their marketing automation
ActiveCampaign Advanced automation, integrated CRM, segmentation not from €9/month for 500 contacts Ideal for SMBs looking to deepen their customer relationships and automation
MailerLite Competitive Pricing, Segmentation, Email Editor 1000 contacts $15/month for 2500 contacts Suitable for small and medium-sized businesses on a budget that are looking for essential functions

There are, of course, many other email solutions. For more information on the various email software available in the market, visit this detailed comparison email software.

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Choosing the right email platform is crucial to ensure the success of your marketing campaigns and help your SMB grow. Take the time to evaluate the criteria and characteristics mentioned in this article and don’t hesitate to test several solutions before committing.

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