Docplanner is looking for agents to work from home

Docplanner is the company behind platforms like Doctoralia, Tuotempo and other similar brands with different names depending on the country where they offer their services.

In general, services for doctors and patients, such as B. Directories of health professionals and software for medical centers and medical specialists to help these professionals manage their patients.

Docplanner is currently present in 13 countries including Spain, Mexico, Italy, Germany and Poland, countries where they also employ a large part of their staff.

They implemented that in Docplanner homework for many of their posts and right now you can find up to 7 vacancies in Spain in which they allow it To work from homein positions like:

  • programming and development

If you are interested Work remotely in an international company As a Docplanner, you can view all of their job vacancies in the job section of their website:

Finally, I leave others to you offers to work from home from other companies:

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