Discover the 125 startups of the 1st campaign

Discover the 125 startups of the 1st campaign

125 emerging players positioning themselves for France on priority economic or technological issues will benefit from financial and non-financial support.

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French Tech 2030 laureates

From agriculture to health to ecological transition, the winners offer a variety of actions. © La French Tech

French Tech 2030, a financial and extra-financial support program

La French Tech has presented the 2023 vintage of French Tech 2030. This program aims to support emerging players, particularly in the DeepTech space. “positioned in economic or technological sectors that are considered priority for France”, we can read in the press kit. The winners keep talking “Challenges addressed by the 10 goals and 6 levers of France 2030”. With special attention “focuses on solutions that strengthen our industrial and technological sovereignty”. They will benefit from financial and extra-financial support for at least one year, as it is renewable, with the aim of ensuring sovereignty. “economic, technological and political” from France.

What is the France 2030 plan?

Announced in late 2022, France 2030 is a plan “unprecedented in innovation and industry”of 54 billion euros, which companies, universities and research institutes will invest with it “their transitions in strategic sectors are fully successful”. Here are the 10 goals of the France 2030 plan:

  1. Development of small, innovative nuclear reactors in France with better waste management,
  2. Become a leader in green hydrogen,
  3. decarbonize industry,
  4. Produce nearly 2 million electric and hybrid vehicles,
  5. Produce the first low-carbon airplane,
  6. Invest in healthy, sustainable and traceable food,
  7. Produce 20 biomedicines for cancer and chronic diseases and develop tomorrow’s medical devices.
  8. Put France back at the forefront of producing cultural and creative content.
  9. Join the new space adventure,
  10. Invest in the seabed area.

How was the selection of the 2023 vintage of the French Tech 2030 made?

The choice is made “with the aim of supporting companies capable of accelerating their development and with a particularly high technological and economic potential.”, under 842 files. The criteria were in detail:

  • An economic and technological maturity that allows them to accelerate the implementation of their project and make the most of the support offer,
  • A high minimum funding threshold for the economy, set at 5 million euros, covering all funding methods except for listed companies whose IPO exceeds 150 million euros.

In addition to these technological and economic criteria, the French Tech 2030 selection aimed to involve at least 50% of the working companies “for carbon reduction and ecological transition”and 25% of winners founded or led by a woman.

Who are the 125 winners of the French Tech 2030 vintage 2023?

For this first-ever French Tech 2030 promotion, 125 emerging players have been selected. Depending on the area of ​​activity, they are distributed as follows:

  • 38% concern the ecological transition,
  • 20% develop in the health sector,
  • 19% work in the digital field,
  • 14% deal with the agricultural question,
  • 8% working on new frontiers (sea, space, quantum),
  • 2% relate to education.
French Tech 2030 distribution
Ecological transformation is the field of activity most represented in the French Tech 2030 selection. © La French Tech

52% of the sponsors are committed to ecological change. This includes 30% of female CEOs or founders. French Tech’s parallel goals were therefore achieved with these 125 winners, 69% of whom own at least one factory or have a factory project.

French Tech 2030 ciphers
As for parity, French Tech has honored its 2023 commitments. But we must continue in this direction to achieve real parity. © La French Tech

What help will the 125 French Tech 2030 winners benefit from?

The offer of support is not only of a financial nature. It covers several areas of cooperation, including:

  • Visibility actions in France and abroad with the French Tech network,
  • Financial support, with support for “facilitate access to public funds”,
  • Business development support with opportunities for “Meeting of public and private clients”,
  • Tailored support around the topics of valuation, influence and economic sovereignty,
  • support with regulatory questions,
  • Specific support on industrial issues,
  • A tailor-made support offer from the French Tech Correspondents network.

Varied fields of activity for the 2023 graduates

According to French Tech, the winners answer: “to major industrial and technological challenges”. But their areas of application are diverse. For example, we can quote:

  • Pascal (new borders): builds quantum computers from ordered neutral atoms in 2D and 3D lattices to give its customers a practical quantum advantage.
  • Dust (digital sovereignty): uses generative AI models to provide its B2B users with a personalized support software suite.
  • OSIVAX (health): is developing a new, innovative class of universal vaccines to prevent pandemic and seasonal virus mutations.
  • ROSI Solar (decarbonization): offers innovative solutions for the recycling and reuse of raw materials from the photovoltaic industry.
  • Sencrop (agriculture): designs and markets precision weather stations connected to a collaborative application based on the analysis of the microclimate using sensors designed and manufactured in France.
  • Vrroom (culture): is a virtual show production studio and immersive entertainment platform, accessible in VR and on smartphones.

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