Defining a social media strategy: tips to follow

  • Define an editorial calendar : It can accomplish a variety of goals, like getting people talking about a product or service, driving your community to an event, or even growing your fan base. In the first case, we recommend planning one calendar per campaign. The objective is to know precisely how many posts to publish and when, to have maximum visibility and maintain consistency in one’s editorial and graphic line.


  • Vary the contents : in terms of format (photos, videos, audio, guides, etc.), themes or discussions, use your creativity to vary the pleasures. Our best advice: unleash your imagination! Just think about the fact that algorithms change regularly and emphasize some formats more than others. Right now, favor video for better presence and visibility.


  • Choosing the right social platform : each has its own particularities in terms of use, target, message, content and even algorithm. But there is no point in being present in everyone, because being everywhere means being nowhere! To make the right choice, define the ones that best match your audience and the elements of your digital strategy. Once you have made this choice, identify your objectives on each platform: awareness, visibility, engagement, traffic to a site, conversion, etc.


  • Audience identifier : the better you understand Which ones are they the more people you want to reach, convince and retain, the more you will be able to offer content suited to them.


  • Stay constantly updated on trends : keeping your daily watch to stay alert and not miss any news will allow you to rely on the chestnut groves and the opportunities of “newsjacking” (in other words, adequate news to connect it to your brand). Here you arean example of newsjacking published by Logitech G to react to Twitter’s name change to X.


  • Analyze content performance during and after the campaign : Many tools allow you to analyze and compare social media campaigns (Khoros for example). This is an opportunity to understand why a post didn’t work and learn how to improve its performance for the weeks/months to come.


  • Moderate your pages and interact with your community : It’s essential to take the time to respond to questions and comments from your community, to show them that you’re listening to them, and to build a close relationship. You can also encourage them to share feedback and reuse (with everyone’s agreement) this content for your social networks.


  • Collaborate with content creators : The fact that they mention your brand on their networks will give strength and authenticity to your online presence. You can also use the creation of white label content (published exclusively on your brand’s accounts), in order to enrich your posts with other types of content.

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