Crumbl Pink, the Pantone color inspired by a biscuit brand

Crumbl Pink, the Pantone color inspired by a biscuit brand

Crumbl’s story begins in 2017 when two cousins ​​teamed up to open a cookie shop in Utah. And although they started out serving cookies at their location, they soon began opening stores and shipping all over the United States.

Their branding, whose pastel pink color is the protagonist, has allowed them to differentiate themselves from the competition to such an extent that their box for carrying biscuits has become an icon of Crumbl. Therefore, now that the company prepares for its international expansion, it was necessary to determine very well what the corporate shade of pink was to avoid errors in printing and running the brand in other countries.

This is where the Pantone Color Institute came in, tasked with creating the shade Crumbl Pink, which they themselves call “a sugary pink that screams ‘love at first bite’.”

And why did the founders choose the color pink for their brand? Well, it’s a family story, especially that of his grandfather, who had a pink Cadillac that brought back great memories for both of them.

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