Content marketing in the age of AI

Content marketing in the age of AI

The new edition of PuroMarketing Day organized by Pure marketing proved to be a fundamental meeting point for professionals in the sector looking for new ideas on the subject content marketing in the age of i.aHe
future of analytics and the BIThe Customer management in one environment
dragging oh to Building brands in digital channels.

Being able to analyze the content from the point of view of the agency, support and advertiser made the second round table something very enriching, offering a totally transversal vision to those present. Rocio Guitian, CEO of royal influence; Nacho Martínez, Digital Communications Manager of Pascual j Daniel Núñez, Product Marketing Manager at Meta were responsible for drafting the proposal content marketing.

The Importance of Content Marketing

He content marketing has proven to be one powerful strategy for attracting and keeping audience attention in a digital environment saturated with information. During the event, the Meaning from Create relevant, valuable and personalized content to engage with consumers. Now more than ever, marketers need to understand the needs and wants of their target audience and Use the content as a tool to offer immediate solutions and build a long-term relationship of trust.

To sell mineral water, to convince the public that it is best, that it is what they should use in the most important moments of their life, to remain permanently in the popular imagination and to be the reference brand in this field no easy task is not achieved by conventional advertising, it moves the Digital Communications Manager de Pascual, This underscores the importance of
content marketing as a loyalty strategy towards a specific target as well as a differentiation strategy for white brandsone of its biggest competitors.

As he shows Product Marketing Manager de Meta, Platforms play a fundamental role because they are where users spend most of their time, time they want to spend with up-close, native, non-invasive, relevant advertising…”He content marketing According to research studies, it is one of the most effective marketing strategies to build a brand and increase sales. HubSpot O Nielsen‘ translates Daniel Núñez.

Of the From the agency’s point of view, the CEO of Royal Influence He briefly explained the process they typically follow when implementing this type of marketing strategy. “We must listen to the needs of the client, analyze them and propose a strategy based on the product or service to be offered, always evaluating the tone to use, taking into account the…”
Goal and the social network we’re going to go to”.

New strategy: influencer marketing

Taking advantage of the intervention of the latter and the massive surge in content creators in recent years the expert in this field, Rocio GuitianClarified that “marketing campaigns influencers are a new way of advertising in the world of digital marketing, where i know different KPIs must be taken into account,
key performance indicatorAs the engagement“.

He A metric analysis is essential also for this new marketing strategy, because according to Guitián it is essential to use personalized URLs that allow them to measure, among other things, the impact of the campaigns, which he also attaches great importance to
Daniel Nunez:You must always strive to provide consistent metrics that add value to the business“, The will help us know what influencers This gives us a better ROI.”

In addition, it was a relevant aspect of the conference personalization of user experience, which has undoubtedly become one basic item. Tailor each individual’s experience to their preferences, characteristics and specific needs, providing personalized experiences Help to companies and organizations
Significantly improve customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty while building stronger bonds with your users.

Content marketing in the age of AI

At this point, it seems imperative to talk about how artificial intelligence is impacting all aspects of daily life. The
Automated content generation oh to adjustment of thisas well as his Analysis and Optimization oh to segmentation improvement are just some of them Opportunities and challenges of artificial intelligence with the aim of, Raise content marketing to the maximum exponent.

“A few months ago at Meta, we launched a tool that allows you to automatically create a video from a given text,” the director cites as a revealing example. Product Marketing Manager de Meta that calmed violently: “Thanks to AI, we will be able to increase our creative capacity, our ability to improve, our efficiency tenfold…”

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