Can you name 10 simple actions to improve your business now?

Can you name 10 simple actions to improve your business now?

It seems like a simple exercise but it’s not. My brother tested me and I didn’t know how to answer. This should worry me a little.

I’m spending this weekend with my brothers and my mother in Spain. It’s her 80th birthday so it’s worth getting together. I haven’t been able to sleep very well for two days. Between eating more than usual and not sleeping in the usual bed is what usually happens. Not so much physically but more mentally. It’s harder for me to think. My brother asked me a seemingly easy question but when he asked it I was completely blocked.

To give you some context. Right now you are training on your own because you are at a stage in your life where you need personal and professional guidance. Some of the things she is learning and seeing apply to me.

This morning my mother wanted churros for breakfast. No sooner said than done. My brother and I chased them. On the way back she asked me this question.

Can you name 10 simple actions to improve your business now?

It didn’t feel fresh in my head so I didn’t feel like thinking about it. She insisted but I couldn’t say anything. I told him to give me some time. She hadn’t gone running yet and she needed to clear her head a bit. I had easily documented 40 activities in Jira over the last few weeks but at the time I couldn’t remember any of them.

I came back from the run and my brother was there again. “Have you had time to think about it yet?”

Not really, but since he kept insisting I said ok, let’s go.

Pick up the stock (it was a bit of a cheat since he gave it to me this morning as an example).

  1. Give the team an incentive.
  2. Decorate the premises with drawings.
  3. Send the products in advance.
  4. Cleaning of premises in Germany.
  5. Register water and electricity for the new premises.
  6. Contact a former customer.

I think I stopped there. I didn’t count them and neither did he. Maybe I’m missing a few, but I couldn’t find even 10.

Thinking that tomorrow morning I would not have time to advance the day’s post, I stumbled upon this topic.

It’s actually good exercise. It is something that we should do frequently in the company. Sounds simple, but it’s not. Surely things elude us on a daily basis because we don’t make the effort to think a little more because we are so focused on doing.

Stay tuned.

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