BookTok, the relaunch of the publishing market goes through TikTok

BookTok, the relaunch of the publishing market goes through TikTok

BookTok is the publishing phenomenon of the moment. A TikTok community for reading lovers, born in 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, where we talk about reading tips, reviews and new authors.

Born almost by accident from the quarantine boredom of a 22-year-old girl. Ayman stated that «made a couple of videos that worked well» and what after “It’s become a really compelling thing.”

The rest is history. The BookTok hashtag now boasts more than 93 billion views worldwide. The Italian one, #booktokitalia, reached 1.3 billion clicks.

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BookTok boosts book sales among Generation Z

Kristen McLean, US book sector analyst for the NPD group (the largest Canadian book-selling chain), underlined that the viral phenomenon has allowed, in 2023, an increase in sales with an increase equal to 60% compared to the previous year.

digital reading

According to the NPD study, 80% of #booktok followers are under the age of 35. The trend of reading recommendations on social media can have the effect of generating a new demand in the sector.

The data is confirmed by the research of Indigo Books and music inc. Canada: «the popularity of reading on TikTok has created a whole new level of excitement, especially for teenagers»specific Heather Reismann, company managing director.

Publishing marketing focuses on BookTok

The publishing world is paying close attention to the TikTok phenomenon, so much so that it is considered one of the strengths of editorial marketing. It has allowed many titles to become best-sellers, simply with the videos going viral on Generation Z’s favorite social network.

The voices of the experts agree that BookTok may not be a passing fad, but that it will continue to drive sales of the book sector, determining, over time, a change in the reading market.

For this reason, insiders are keeping their eyes open, ready to take advantage of the opportunity. In the most well-known bookstores, it is now customary to find the #booktok department, which advises on the most popular titles on TikTok.

Not only in physical stores, also online there are numerous brands that have dedicated a specific section of the site to the fashion of the moment (for example Mondadori, Amazon, Il Libraio)

The idea of ​​Bytedance

The newspaper The Guardian, announced that Bytedance (Chinese company that owns TikTok), will start selling books through a market place on the social network itself, thanks to the collaboration with various publishers, such as, Wh Smith, Bloomsbury,

The company is also in the process of launching its own publishing house, Eighth note print, for the autonomous publication of the titles of the authors present on BookTok.

“We’re delighted to make it even easier for book lovers to shop the latest BookTok recommendations, without ever leaving the platform, while also providing new avenues for publishers, large and small, to reach their audiences.” he specified Patrick Nommensen, TikTok Shop Senior Director of eCommerce.

The books will then be easily accessible. But there are also those who, among the book’s influencers, turn up their noses. Indeed, some argue that sponsored content undermines the fresh, and in some ways, raw aspect of the phenomenon.

The New York Times, instead, he reflected on the risk of “best sellers” being produced, defined as such, not by real expert critics, but by very young people with little expertise in the field, who express themselves above all guided by emotions.

BookToker, who they are and what they do

In the world of TikTok books, influencers are defined bookmaker. The word comes from the union of terms book And smoker (term that defines the content creator on TikTok).

They are responsible for reviewing books, dispensing reading recommendations, informing about releases, as well as organizing tome exchanges. They are able to influence sales, as recognized by publishing experts.

A striking example was the case of the book “The Song of Achilles” by Madeleine Muller (2011) which, after reviews by Selene Velezthe most famous American booktoker (on TikTok moongirlreads), sold 10,000 copies in one day.

Booktokers are the reference literary critics of Generation Z. They transform the review activity into quick opinions (they are often videos), fresh and made with the language of social media.

They represent a source of wealth for publishing houses that are trying to include influencers with the highest number of followers in their marketing strategies.

5 BookTokers to follow

In Italy, the names to follow to stay updated on literary news are different, all with a large following of followers:

1. Ariadne Craviotto (@arianna_craviotto), boasts 572,000 followers, passionate about the Harry Potter saga and Disney classics;

2. Valentina Ghetti (@book.addict), teacher in the morning, bookmaker in his spare time with his 260,000 followers;

3. May Bulla (@labibliotecadidaphne), has more than 430,000 followers and mainly deals with reviews of the fantasy genre;

4. Martina Levato (@levv97), posted his first video during the lockdown and today has about 347,000 followers;

5. Pink cupcakes (@magsbook), known as Maggie, university student with a passion for books, she has a following of 240,000 followers. Among its contents, there is the “to be read” list, a list of texts that you will read over time, to inform interested parties.

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Teendrama is the most read genre among BookTok lovers

According to data from the bookseller, the most popular literary genre among followers of the hashtag booktok are novels young adult, aimed at an audience generally between 12 and 18 years.

They deal with topics such as first loves, sex, friendship, adventures among the school desks, but also topics such as the search for one’s identity, bullying, inclusiveness, eating disorders and suicide.

But they don’t only propose plots based on reality, dystopian stories are often told, with apocalypses of various kinds, with zombies and supernatural creatures as protagonists.

The category also includes the adaptations of the classics in a contemporary key, such as The silence of the water by Louise O’Neill, reinterpretation of the most famous The little Mermaid by Andersen, among the most read of the genre.

10 most popular readings on BookTok Italia not to be missed

Twisted love Of Ana Huangit can be defined as a real editorial case given its success. The first chapter of the saga tells the story of Alex Volkov, devil with the face of an angel, who is entrusted with the sister of his best friend

booktok twisted love

The Seven Husbands Of Taylor Kenkis Reidformer Hollywood celebrity Heveline Hugo reveals the truth about her seven husbands

book in the husbands set

The house on the heavenly sea Of TJ Clunetells of a love story set in a fantastic atmosphere.

booktok the house on the heavenly sea

Cain’s jaw Of Torquemadain which we read of an enigma solved by only four people in the world, returned to the fore thanks to the protagonist Sarah Scannel.

booktok the jaw of cain

Red white and blue blood Of Casey McQuiston: a modern fairy tale about love that goes beyond all conventions.

red white and blue blood

How soul ever Of Rossana Soldanoit was the literary revelation of 2022, with a story linked to LGBTQ+ themes.

as a soul ever

Heartstopper Of Alice Osman, the first volume of the comic story, followed by the British TV series of the same name, which narrates the adventures of Nick and Charlie.


The original wounds Of Eleonora C. Caruso, a novel that focuses on the wishes and fears of the protagonists.

the original wounds

In The Invisible Life of Addie La RueOf VE Schwabthe protagonist Addie, born in the 18th century, makes the mistake of choosing immortality and thus condemning herself to eternal solitude.

the invisible life of eddie la rue

The Empire of the Vampire Of Jay Kristoff, the protagonists of the story are vampires, always a winning theme among the very young after the release of Meyer’s Twilight saga.

the empire of the vampire

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