Best tools for free and paid a/b testing 2024

Best tools for free and paid a/b testing 2024
If you are looking for a/b testing tools to improve the conversions of your website, in this post you will see the best ones tools for A/B testing free and paid.

The importance of optimizing and displaying information on the Internet in an orderly, intuitive and easy-to-implement way is vital in any digital marketing strategy.

On these occasions, if you do not use A/B testing tools to analyze, measure and evaluate the different variablesYou will not know in depth the behavior of your users and what type of structure is appropriate for them.

Knowing what works best on your landing page or website is essential, and for that there are tools to create a/b tests. With them you can compare elements of your website and check which one your site visitors prefer.

But first, let’s see what the ab test is and how it works.

What is a/b testing?

The A/B testing tests They consist of facing and testing different variables of what you want to analyze and test in order to evaluate which version works best.

The purpose of A/B testing is to be able to offer the best user experience about what you are going to providewhether it is a program, a web page, a landing pagean electronic commerce, etc.

6 Best Tools for a/b testing

We start with software testing toolsmobile applications, web pages… so that they can be adapted to your needs according to what you want to analyze and also free testing automation tools or those that have a free trial period, so that you can take advantage of and analyze the platform and evaluate whether it suits your needs.

1- VWO

    VWO software testing tools

The acronym of the program VWO means Visual Website Optimizer and helps you test web pages designed for mobile, URL split testing, multivariate testing, multi-page campaigns…

It offers you different packages, depending on the needs of your company:

  • VWO tests: Package focused on testing Split testing of URLs and multivariate testing, whether for user experience, small, medium or large companies.
  • VWO FullStack: Apart from doing A/B testing, you can run multi-channel tests with investigations on the server side and by mobile applications.
  • VWO Perspectives: Create heat maps, surveys and form analytics, in addition to knowing the behavior of users on the website.
  • VWO Deploy: Option to be able to choose the winning variety and implement it easily without having to go to a technical team.
  • VWO Services: The tool’s professional team helps you analyze the data extracted from the tests carried out and carry out the winning proposal.

Without a doubt one of the best tools for a/b testing that you should try.

2- Smart appearance

Smartlook ab test tool

A great software ab testing tool that helps you analyze the behavior of users on your platform, whether through a mobile application or a website.

Can record the behavior of your website usersto find out if they follow the route you want them to take.

The platform allows you to create different events to know how many times a specific page was visited, how many times they clicked on a button, what type of information they type in your search section or you can also discover if users are trying to interact with images or text links that cannot be accessed or if they do not respond as you had planned.

You can see in which section of your website there is a higher leakage rate in order to solve that problem and make them stay on your website longer.

In summary, the great functions that this platform has To do A/B testing they are:

  • Heat maps.
  • Session recording tool.
  • Qualitative vs. quantitative.
  • Mobile application analysis.

Has Free version for personal use.

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3- AB tasty

AB Tasty ab testing tool

Tool to do A/B testing in Spanish about websites, products, applications, experiences… This company has different renowned clients such as Prosegur alarms, Glovo, Idealista or Decathlon.

It allows you:

  • Create reports;
  • Measure landing performance;
  • Track KPIs;
  • Measure the ROI of your tests;
  • Segment your audience;
  • And it even lets you assign how many users can see your modifications to have better control.

More of 1000 brands trust this company when carrying out your experiments to improve the personalization of your website.

4- Google Optimization

OPINION FROM Google Optimize to create test

It is an A/B testing tool that has a free option where you can create A/B tests and link your website with Google Analytics and google ads.

In the free version you can generate multivariate testing (PMV) and create different experiments simultaneously.

The advanced version already has a cost, adding others more premium optionsbut for small companies that want to test their website in a simple way thanks to its visual editor.

5- Optimize


You can generate experiments and A/B test your website simultaneouslycreate predictive audiences through artificial intelligence, personalize content… and all these functions without penalizing the performance of your website.

Its visual editor section and the different types of advanced multi-page and A/B front-end experiments allow you to run several tests on the same page.

Other features it also includes are: Program management, support for single page applications (PWA), exclusion groups and statistical analysis.

The free trial is 30 days.

6- No bounce

Unbounce testing automation tools

Unbounce allows you to do landing page and create forms by performing A/B tests to measure the efficiency of each one in a way free for 14 days.

It has a simple visual web builder thanks to the “drag and drop” so that you can create your landing page without technical knowledge and thus be able to create the best landing page possible.

This ab testing platform allows you to improve your income by up to 30%, as mentioned on the website.

How does the AB test work?

A/B testing is widely used in the field of digital marketing and the world of technology, where different versions are launched and a limited group of users tests them so that the creators can then assess which option works best.

An example: A travel agency wants launch a web page new and for this the development team creates two or more different web versions with these variables:

  • Typography.
  • Text size.
  • Name of the buttons.
  • Structure of the web.
  • Menu size.
  • Description of available trips.
  • Amount of information about the purchase of a ticket.
  • Different steps to follow to purchase a ticket.

All these fields, displayed in a different way, help to analyze user behavior and thus be able to decide which of them offers a better browsing experience and which is more attractive.

In order to carry out this example that I have given you, we can use a series of tools to create test ab that help you improve your online programs or services.

Comparison of tools to create a/b tests in 2024

A/B test
Characteristics Price
VWO – URL Test
– Multivariate test
– Heat maps
Payment (request price on the website)
Smart look – Qualitative test vs. quantitative
– Heat maps
– Session recording
Free and paid
AB tasty – Measure landing performance
– Segment your audience
– Track KPIs
Payment (request price on the website)
Optimize Google – Create multivariate tests (PMV)
– Create different A/B tests at the same time
optimize – Create predictive audiences with AI
– Front A/B
– Advanced multi-page experiments
30-day free trial
Bounce – Create optimized landing pages
– Forms performing A/B testing
14-day free trial


Now that you know some of the best tools for A/B testingyou can test how your landing pages work.

Depending on the results shown by the tools, you will know which variable works best and you will be able to optimize your site to achieve more conversions in a faster and more effective way.

Do you use tools for a/b testing? Which is your favorite?

You can leave your comment below, and if you liked the post, share it on your social networks so that other people know about these useful tools for their projects.

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