Best Digital Marketing Schools in Spain 2023

Best Digital Marketing Schools in Spain 2023

Are you looking for online marketing training in Spain? Discover the best digital marketing schools in Spain specialize in this topic.

We are already “back to school” and for those who are thinking of studying and training in digital marketing it is important that they do so in quality and recognized centres. If you are looking for where to study marketing in Spain, whether it is a specific course or a university degree, I will tell you what, for me, are some of the best digital marketing schools.

It’s a list of the 5 best online marketing schools in Spain, according to my opinion and experience gained over the years in this sector. Are they the best schools? It will depend on the type of school you are looking for and the specialization. But yes, they are highly recognized institutions in the world of digital marketing and will provide you with high-quality training.

The best digital marketing schools in Spain

1) Webpositer Academy


Webpositer Academy based in Alicante, stands out as one of the leading digital marketing schools in Spain and pioneer in the field of online marketing training under the direction of a professional agency.

Its focus on practical, up-to-date education allows students to gain skills relevant to the real world.

It offers entry-level training programs with free access, as well as paid advanced courses.

More than 1,000 students have been trained in the Masters in SEO and CRO and many students have experienced a significant improvement in their career paths, joining recognized companies such as Wallapop, Freepik, Worten, Rankia, La Vanguardia or Warner Music, among other companies important. .

4 keys that stand out in this digital marketing school:

  • It has teachers who share their way of working with you (you can learn with specialists who work and apply everything they explain to you on a daily basis).
  • It offers training based on a practical and updated methodology.
  • You can access the lessons whenever and wherever you want (i.e. at your own pace and without fixed times).
  • Allows access to updated content for life.

Masters and courses offered by Webpositer Academy:

Free courses

Advanced courses

  • Advanced SEO course
  • Advanced Looker Studio course

Masters Award

  • SEO Master
  • Master CRO
  • Master in Online Marketing
  • Master of e-commerce
  • Master digital analytics

2) EAE School of Economics

EAE Business School It has more than 60 years in the field of education and is a renowned institution in the field of business administration.

This international business school offers a varied educational offering that includes Executive MBA, postgraduate and in-person masters in the cities of Madrid and Barcelona, ​​as well as advanced online training focused on business management.

With a focus on innovation and entrepreneurial mindset, EAE prepares students to face the challenges of the ever-changing digital world.

Their digital marketing programs are designed to provide a deep understanding of digital strategies, analytics and project management, which is essential in the competitive marketing landscape.

Some courses and Masters offered by EAE Business School in the Digital Marketing area:

  • Master in Marketing Management
  • Master in Marketing and Commercial Management
  • Master in Business and Digital Communication
  • Global Master in Digital Marketing and E-Commerce
  • Global Master in Corporate and Digital Communication
  • Degree in Marketing and Digital Communication
  • Master in Event Management and Organization
  • Master in Marketing Management in the fashion and beauty sector
  • Degree in Marketing and Communication + Specialist degree in General Management
  • Master in International Marketing Management

3) ESI

WELL YESthe School of Marketing and Business is another reference institution in Spain dedicated to the field of marketing and business, with a history of over half a century in preparing highly qualified professionals in these disciplines.

The training offered by ESIC is based on solid values, with the aim of transforming its students into industry professionals with a deep knowledge of the latest trends.

This marketing and business school in Spain has three campuses strategically located in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.

Some courses and Masters offered by ESIC in the Digital Marketing area:

  • Digital Marketing Bootcamp
  • Master in digital marketing
  • Master in Tourism Marketing Management
  • Master in Communication and Advertising Management
  • Online Master in Digital Marketing
  • Specialized Online Course in Marketing Automation
  • Specialized Online Course in Social Media Management


CLASS CM is an online communication and marketing school based in Madrid that adapts to the current demand with two main objectives: to offer practical and strategic training in online marketing and to help you as much as possible to improve your projects and your personal brand.

For me Aula CM is one of the most recommended Digital Marketing schools because that’s where I started in this sector, I trained in its Online Marketing Master and I learned the best strategies and tools that helped me work on my brand staff to achieve better results. results.job offers.

I can say that much of what I have achieved professionally is partly due to the training I obtained at this school and this is why I always recommend it.

Some courses and masters offered by the CM Room:

  • Master of digital marketing
  • Course for community managers
  • WordPress course
  • Google ads course
  • SEO course
  • Digital design course
  • GA4 course on Google Analytics
  • Social ads course


Another marketing school that might interest you is LIGAMENT Based in Logroño, it is a renowned training school 100% online.

In this school students receive live online lessons and have a tutor who accompanies them and helps them throughout their career. It also has a virtual campus with the latest technology and academic resources you need.

Its programs are designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the digital realm. With a combination of theory and practical application, UNIR prepares students to face the challenges of digital marketing.

Some courses and masters offered by UNIR in the Digital Marketing area:

  • Degree in Marketing
  • Degree in Communication
  • Degree in Advertising
  • Double Degree in Business Economics + Marketing
  • Master in Digital Marketing
  • Master’s Degree in Neuromarketing
  • Master’s Degree in Business Communication
  • Master’s Degree in Marketing Management
  • Permanent Training Master in 360º Digital Marketing

Ranking of the 5 best marketing schools in Spain

  • Webpositer Academy
  • EAE Business School

If you are interested in marketing, you might be interested in this article: How to make a digital marketing plan step by step.


If you are looking to train in the world of digital marketing in Spain, the digital marketing schools in this list are great options for your training as they offer high-quality programmes.

There are many other marketing schools that are also quality and may be of more interest to you, depending on your needs. But these will undoubtedly provide you with the necessary foundation to learn and enter the competitive world of digital marketing.

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