Banco Santander joins the Netflix advertising train with this campaign

Banco Santander joins the Netflix advertising train with this campaign

As it has already spread through all the “marketing ears”, Netflix has incorporated a new subscription modality with advertising. That is why many brands are putting all their efforts into creating campaigns that fit the format of the platform. But today we are talking about Banco Santander.

From November 10, we can enjoy a new Netflix subscription model: the basic plan with advertising for only 5.99 euros per month.

Banco Santander: “For you, the first” on Netflix

And it is that Banco Santander launches its first campaign with an ad hoc spot for the occasion, playing with its “Si te da” campaign and its customer-based positioning, “For you, the first”.

A fully customized spot in Netflix format. Assaults on armored vans, impossible robberies, ransacked safes… « As a bank you have to be very brave to advertise here. but if you get into watching Netflix with ads, we’re with you .” A reference to La Casa de Papel , perhaps?

Banco Santander knows all the popular Netflix series and bases its spot on the platform’s content. In such a way that it is much easier for you to approach the audience.

It is one more step in the audience personalization strategy that Banco Santander is developing hand in hand with Carat and it is the first step of many in the personalization of spots that will be seen throughout 2023.

They will carry out personalized adaptations of the spots of their campaigns for the rest of the platforms and TV on demand ; which will allow you to combine tactical actions, highly adapted to the channel and to specific audiences, with more general ones.

Banco Santander is not the only one that has taken the initiative to adapt its advertising on Netflix. Ballantine’s and Beefeater have opted to develop specific creatives with personalized messages for the platform and Netflix users. 

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