Artificial intelligence tools for your business Kim Garst

Artificial intelligence tools for your business – Kim Garst

The age of artificial intelligence is here and it’s time to level up your business with the latest game-changing technologies. I’m talking about artificial intelligence, my friend. Artificial intelligence is transforming every industry, and your small business can’t afford to be left behind.

In this post I’ll break down the top 3 AI tools you need to take your small business to the next level. These bad boys will help you work smarter, better, and faster, so you can focus on changing your life and dominating your niche.

If you want to see real momentum and growth, AI is an absolute must. Let me automate the tedious stuff so you can better leverage your gifts and talents. Unlock your full potential with these 3 powerful AI tools for your business!


The future is here, the competition is fierce, and it’s time to embrace AI so your business can thrive. I’ve got you covered with my tips for starting any small business using AI. Now let’s dive in!

1. ChatGPT: Your “Pocket CMO” AI Tool.


I’ve tested every new AI tool out there, so you don’t have to, and I’m telling you that ChatGPT is the gold standard (at least for now). This bad boy takes copywriting to the next damn level with his uncanny ability to sound human. I just tell him about my business and bam: he spits out marketing copy that actually sounds like me. Really impressive.

But here’s the thing: you have to put in the effort to train him beforehand. I’m talking about giving ChatGPT the full download on your brand voice, on your vision, on your friends, on the whole enchilada. Treat him like your protege and teach him to speak your language. This is how you get content that represents you like no AI has been able to do before.

So take the time to educate ChatGPT on what makes your business one-of-a-kind. Once done, it will post promotions, emails, social captions, awesome web content, and anything you want. This AI blows me away every day with how quickly it can create quality custom copies with my super sassy voice, lol. He’s my new virtual copywriter and the time and freedom he gives me are priceless.

So, what are you waiting for? Go train yourself on ChatGPT to create marketing copy that sounds distinctly YOU. Let me give your business the edge of artificial intelligence!

ChatGPT offers a free account.

Paid plans start at just $20 per month and are worth every penny for the time savings and high-quality output.

Here’s how to get a paid plan…

  1. Create or log in to your OpenAI account. Visit the ChatGPT login page. …
  2. Click the “Upgrade to Plus” button.
  3. Click “Upgrade Plan” in the popup.
  4. Complete the purchase.

There is a new business plan for businesses too. Find out more about it here.

While ChatGPT’s free plan is a fantastic way to get started, I highly recommend investing in a paid plan that costs just $20 per month. The premium plan provides priority access so you don’t get stuck when traffic is high. It also offers faster response times from the AI, saving you even more time. This turbocharges your productivity and ensures reliable access to this revolutionary AI. The time and frustration saved by the premium plan easily justifies the minimal monthly cost.

2. AgoraPulse: AI-powered social media management tool for your business

Managing social media marketing is a huge task. From creating engaging posts to monitoring conversations to running ads, it’s a lot for a small business owner to handle on their own.

Guys, I have to tell you about the real witchcraft that is AgoraPulse Writing Assistant. This AI tool for your business makes writing killer social media copy silly and easy.

Just tap the Writing Assistant button and let the digital magic happen. It gives you tone options like “fun” or “urgent” so you can match your brand’s vibe.

How to use Writing Assistant

Open your composer and start creating your first draft, then simply click Writing assistant button to start.


This will then open the Writing Assistant feature. From here you can choose from a variety of AI-powered tones:

You can also enter Format and shorten or expand the text:

Once you’re happy with the AI-generated text, click Send to composer and it will appear in your inbox.

You can now plan/publish your post as is or add any finishing touches to it.

Essentially, AI takes your basic draft and turns it into engaging posts that people simply click on and share. It’s like having an expert social media manager generating optimized content for you 24/7!

Want to get more poetic on LinkedIn? Need quirky captions for the gram? Writing Assistant has you covered faster than you can write “algorithm.”

It’s truly magical how easily this AI creates share-worthy social content that sounds like YOU. Let it cast a spell on your followers and make your posts perform like never before!

With AgoraPulse’s AI technology, I can manage social media efficiently without being overwhelmed. Their AI learns what works to make my marketing more and more effective.

The best part…AgoraPulse is giving my friends two months FREE! Check them out!


3. Ideogram Review: AI-Based Image Creation


Creating eye-catching images for my business was a huge effort. Hiring designers to create blog photos and social graphics is neither cheap nor quick. And do-it-yourself design? A moment of epic proportions.

But then my new friend Ideogram arrived. This crazy AI creates stunning images tailored to my business with just a few text instructions. We’re talking social media posts, blog headers, social media graphics – everything.

And get this: Ideogram actually nails text inside images! Other AI image generators screw things up, but not Ideogram. This genius AI renders any text I give it flawlessly every time. Astonish! 🤯

I use Ideogram daily to take advantage of all my visual resources, from blog images to social media posts. It’s simple to create exactly what I need in any style: minimalist, retro, you name it.

The AI ​​also continues to get smarter, so my graphics continue to get sharper. Pretty soon I won’t even need professional designers anymore and guess what, neither will you!

The best part? Ideogram is 100% free with no limits. Unlimited AI-generated images at your fingertips? Hell yes! Every smart biz owner needs Ideogram in their toolbox. Let AI take your images from bland to bold and eye-catching!

Join the artificial intelligence revolution

Here’s the deal. The age of artificial intelligence is officially here and it’s about to change the rules of the game for all online marketers (heck, it’s already happened!).

Tools like ChatGPT, AgoraPulse, and Ideogram give you incredibly powerful AI that can automate the boring stuff, freeing you for greatness.

These brilliant AI assistants create optimized texts, resources and insights in the blink of an eye. They’re like your virtual creative team, advertising team, and marketing manager all in one!

Adopting AI is mandatory if you want to make it in the business world today. The competition will be intense, so you’ll need every advantage you can get.

This means fully embracing AI to drive efficiency and growth. The most successful entrepreneurs will be those who leverage AI now to unlock serious opportunities.

The future has arrived, my friend! I urge all of you world-changing entrepreneurs to add AI to your toolbox as soon as possible. Work smarter, dream bigger. Let AI take your business to the next level this year.

Let’s do it!


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