Antena 3 leads the ranking of the most watched channels in the month of September

Atresmedia is also once again the group that is growing the most thanks to its main channels, such as Antena 3, after obtaining a 26.7% share in September.

GECA, a consultancy company specializing in the audiovisual and entertainment sector, relaunched this September the Monthly balance of the publicthanks to which we know what most viewed channels in September this year 2023.

During this month of September, Antenna 3 was converted again by twenty-third occasion In the most viewed chaingetting a Share of 13%.although we must also underline a not exactly positive fact, namely that the first Atresmedia channel signs its the worst September of the last two years.

The GECA ranking of the channels with the most audiences

Antena 3 leads the ranking followed by The 1stthe channel Spanish radio and television is 2.5 points below the Atresmedia channel, as it reached a Share of 10.5%.. For La 1 there are more positive data, and it continues in second position, also marking its best month of September since 2017where he obtained figures very similar to those of this 2023 (10.7%).

Thirdly, we find the Payment themesthat overcome the barrier of 10% share, even if the figure drops by a tenth. He is in fourth position Telecincowhich however interrupts its downward trend does not write down his best data (9.6%).

In the rest of the positions in this ranking of GECAprepared with data from Kantarwe find the Autonomous public (8.2%), which increased their share by two tenths compared to the data obtained in August. Followed is laSexta (6.4%), Cuatro (5.3%) and, finally, another of the RTVE channels, The 2getting a Share of 2.9%..

Other data

As for the National free-to-air television operators that received the most audiences during the month of September 2023 were Atresmedia (26.7%)which grows by 1.1 points, thus consolidating its leadership thanks to its main channels, in particular Antena 3, followed by Mediaset (24.6%) Yes RTVE (15.5%).

Between Antena 3 and La 1 the top 25 of the most watched programs of September. At number 1 in this ranking of «The 25 most watched programs in September 2023» There is the program «Football: Qualification for the European Football Championships between Spain and Cyprus”, which brought together 2,255,000 spectators on average and obtained 23.8% of the public. Secondly, there is the program hosted by Pablo Matos, «The Anthill 3.0″ and, in third position, «Antena 3 News» .

As for which payment channel is at the top of the “Most Viewed Payment Channels of September 2023” ranking, we meet again with footballsince this list is led by Movistar+ channel, LaLiga TV (0.41%). Follows very closely DAZN LaLiga (0.39%) and, completing the podium, FOX (0.26%).

Among the autonomous ones, TV3 It is the leading chain in September this year 2023 and, in addition, experiences the greatest increase among regional networks after having had a Share of 13.9%.. In second position we find Aragon TV (11.6%) and, thirdly, TVG (Televisión de Galicia) with a share of 11.2%.

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