AlloCiné celebrates its 30th anniversary, and that doesn't make us younger La Réclame

AlloCiné celebrates its 30th anniversary, and that doesn’t make us younger – La Réclame

RIP Periscope.

AlloCiné, an emblematic service of French cinema, is celebrating its 30th birthday this year. Founded in 1993 by Jean-David Blanc and Patrick Holzman, it began its adventure by revolutionizing the way in which the general public accesses cinema screenings thanks to a memorable telephone service: 40 30 20 10*. From there, its presence spread from the Minitel to our smartphones, via the web. Having become the “blockbuster” site for cinephiles and series enthusiasts, with more than 14 million unique visitors declared per month, AlloCiné has been able, over time, to develop its offer: seat reservations, press and spectator reviews, personalized advice, very active community (including the famous Club 300), openness to the massive cultural phenomenon of series, etc. The company has since been integrated into the group Webedia in 2013, after being in the hands of several shareholders such as CANAL+ and Universal.

The 76ᵉ Cannes International Film Festival was the occasion for AlloCiné to inaugurate the celebrations of this anniversary. And a campaign has been created for the occasion: an advertising spot produced by Webedia Prod, broadcast on television and online, an anniversary site that collects 30 years of cinema and series highlights (we strongly recommend the visit, word of T-Rex) and finally, a partnership with CANAL+ to offer a special selection on myCANAL.

THE (01) 40 30 20 10 unfortunately no longer assigned. Its reactivation could have been part of this patrimonial campaign. That probably won’t stop the Webedia teams from toasting bubbles and popcorn in celebration.

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