Alllinks, the 100% free and customizable Linktree alternative for link in bio

Alllinks, the 100% free and customizable Linktree alternative for link in bio

As you surely know, since the last update it is impossible to share multiple content in your Instagram bio, where only links can be added in a very classic way (April 2023). Knowing that it’s one of the most heavily used social networks in the world, with more than 2.3 billion active users, it would be a waste not to make the most of that traffic. To solve this problem, use a solution such as All links is strongly recommended. It is a very interesting alternative to Linktree for his links in the bio. Discover the essentials about this platform made in France!

Alllinks, Linktree,…: What is that?

Before we discuss the reasons why you should definitely adopt Alllinks, it is necessary to introduce the principle of these tools: “I’m not organic“.

Like Linktree, Alllinks is a tool that allows you to create a fully personalized landing page to include in your social profile bio. On the page generated with Alllinks you can add multiple links to your other social networks, a website or a blog, giving you the opportunity to combine all relevant links under a single linkée and escape Instagram’s limitation of only having one visible link in your bio. But that’s not all, because in addition to links you can easily add images and text, your social networks, customer reviews, your latest TikTok, Youtube or other videos, an image carousel, an RSS feed, your Instagram posts, your products for sale, an FAQ, an email summary form… Everything is summarized on your Alllinks page!

While Alllinks is completely free, Linktree is not! The features available on Linktree are quite limited and opting for the professional offering is often necessary. In this case, you will have to pay $6 monthly to access these features and other benefits.

These are basically features that allow you to customize the landing page created with Linktree by choosing your logo, font and colors to match your branding. These features are not available on Linktree in the free version, resulting in the creation of a landing page that does not match your company branding. This can seriously damage brand image. This was one of the main reasons for looking for a Linktree alternative Alllinks offers everything you need for free!

How to add multiple links in your Instagram bio

What you need to know about Alllinks, the free alternative to Linktree

Alllinks is a “link in bio” solution created by blogger and developer Kevin Ragonneau as an alternative to Linktree… And it’s a winning bet since Alllinks is already a very powerful marketing tool on many levels.

The first advantage of Alllinks compared to Linktree is that the first completely free. No payment is required to use all the features of this link aggregator tool for Instagram and other social networks. With Alllinks, you can create a fully customizable landing page with just one click.

You can configure many aspects of the website that can be accessed via the link in the bio, e.g. B. colors, titles, photos, texts, links… You can even use your own domain name if you want. All of this will help you create a landing page that fits your company’s branding without any expense. In addition, the landing page is created, the link to which is inserted into the bio of your Instagram account requires no computer skills. There are over 40 drag-and-drop building blocks and templates at your disposal to create your landing page in minutes.

Another advantage of Alllinks is that it offers you detailed statistics about the traffic generated by the link placed in your Instagram profile bio. This will give you more information about the interactions that visitors to your landing page have with the links there. This will enable you Determine the content that is most interesting, and then take the necessary actions to optimize your Instagram profile. The only consideration expected from you for using Alllinks’ services is the presence of a small advertising space at the bottom of your landing page. It is non-intrusive and allows the company to continue offering the link aggregation service completely free, with ongoing chat support available on the site for those who need help getting started.

Examples of home pages realized with all links

Entrepreneurs, content creators, photographers, hairdressers, florists, artists, retailers, handymen, sports trainers, service providers, small, medium or large businesses… Alllinks can help you improve your online presence, absolutely free!

Discovering some insights about landing pages built with Alllinks will help you understand how useful this tool can be for you.

Alllinks used by a florist

As a first example, I’ll let you discover it a landing page with all links created by a florist, with various very interesting information about his business. First you will find the logo of this artisanal florist company as well as the municipality in which it is based.

This part is then followed by several clickable icons with links to:

  • Your email address,
  • Your phone number,
  • their social networks: Facebook, Instagram,
  • their full address.

Next is a photo of these florists displayed on the landing page, together with a list of the services offered by the craftsman. You will also find a link to her shop where you can make purchases, photos of professional workshops and a featured publication.

Free landing page for art florists

Alllinks, the Linktree alternative used by a photographer

This landing page was created by a professional photographer thanks to Alllinks. The first element is a symbolic photo depicting a couple in a moment of love. Clickable icons follow with corresponding links to the photographer’s e-mailas well as his Facebook and Instagram profiles. The following lines reveal the name of the photo structure, its mission, as well as the services it offers.

Two buttons are highlighted, one redirecting to a Vinted shop and the other to the wedding photography price list. If you follow them, you will discover excellent shots of Caroline, which will allow you to appreciate this photographer’s talent. Below is also a list of reviews from clients who have worked with her. This landing page is then a marketing tool rich in relevant information and content.

Free link in bio for photographers

Alllinks, the totally free solution made in France for your biography link

If you decide to use Alllinks to group your links in your social networks bio, you are counting on a 100% French solution. In addition to being hosted in France, it is a tool created by French developer and blogger Kevin Ragonneau, who has over 10 years of web development experience.

In particular, Kevin works for many major media sites, including two the most visited in France He is also a very active blogger on Instagram (@Missudette & @KevinRagonneau) with his wife Missudette.

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