A newsletter to simplify media monitoring

A newsletter to simplify media monitoring


All communication and marketing professionals will surely agree that monitoring takes time, which we generally do not have.

Yet today media monitoring has become inevitable for communicators, because it allows them to stay informed about news, trends and opportunities in their field of activity.

If you’re a communicator concerned about staying on the cutting edge of the latest media trends, signing up with Cision Com’On is a wise choice. By simplifying your monitoring and providing you with targeted information, this newsletter will allow you to optimize your daily work.

A complete newsletter for communicators

La Cision Com’On is much more than a simple newsletter. It is a comprehensive tool that brings together the latest information and essential resources for communicators. Each edition of the newsletter includes a podcast, relevant articles and inspiring testimonials. In one place, you have access to a wealth of information that will allow you to stay up to date with the latest media trends.

Targeted information for effective monitoring

Cision Com’On stands out for its ability to provide targeted information, specifically adapted to the needs of communicators. You no longer have to browse dozens of different sources to find the news that interests you. The newsletter selects the most relevant information and presents it in a concise and accessible way. Thanks to this you will save precious time while remaining perfectly informed!

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