8 steps to boost your influencer marketing campaigns [Infographic]

8 steps to boost your influencer marketing campaigns [Infographic]

Looking for ways to get more from your influencer marketing campaigns?

With the rise of entertainment-based platforms and traditional social networks leaning more towards short-form video, the demand for creator partnerships is also on the rise, with a recent survey showing investment in influencer marketing they are now increasing at a faster rate than traditional ad spend. .

The right campaign, with the right creative partner, can significantly increase brand awareness among your target audience, while you can also increase your chances of gaining viral traction, using the knowledge of creators who are attuned to the nuances of the platform .

And if you’re looking to invest in influencer marketing, this will help. The SEMRush team recently released an updated version of their 8-step influencer marketing checklist.

Some key information to note: You can learn more about SEMRush’s influencer marketing tools here.

Influencer marketing checklist

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