7 real-time marketing examples from Taylor Swift's visit

7 real-time marketing examples from Taylor Swift’s visit

Taylor Swift has crossed Mexico trending topic for weeks and, on the days of their concerts, even with multiple mandates. How much did the brands take advantage of the event and which ones were positive? real-time marketing examples? We show you seven of all sizes, from casual businesses to international brands.

Taylor Swift placement.  Case of the Patagonia bank.
Rio de Janeiro, December 8, 2009. Singer Taylor Swift during her show at the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. — Photo by A. Paes. Via: Depositphotos.

Real-Time Marketing or «RTM extension» (from English real time marketing) is the process of instant interaction with customers based on the latest news and information. It’s about maintaining a constant relationship with our audience through very current information.

Instant forms of communication such as social media have fueled the rise of this tactic, also known as newsjacking. Sometimes real-time marketing can be done in product development and other content. Here are some examples.

7 real-time marketing examples

You can watch our 90-second recap video of the best real-time marketing examples, or read in detail what each one did below.


Let’s talk first of all about those who took advantage of the news of the singer’s visit a long time ago.

Jano is a small artisan jeweler that creates accessories for boys with resin (earrings, bracelets, pendants, brooches, necklaces, etc.).

A few weeks before Taylor Swift’s arrival, they developed a collection of songs, inspired by the singer’s albums, using the concept of The Eras Tour.

real-time marketing examples with Taylor Swift

The result was colorful, captivating and fun, beware, if one wanted to buy the pieces, just the week of the concert, they were completely sold out on their e-commerce site.

A brilliant example of how to react quickly to a growing trend that won’t last long but can boost sales.

AV legal advice

This law firm has taken advantage of the hype that has arisen with the launch of tickets and excessive prices.

Knowing that many young people could not afford it, they posted on Facebook suggesting that if his parents were divorced and he did not provide alimony, he could be forced and the money would be used to buy the ticket.

We weren’t enthusiastic about the execution because it’s a very serious topic that is treated lightly, but personal tastes aside, it’s also a good example of real-time marketing, and you can see it from the results: more than 8,000 reactions, 2,000 comments and 19 thousand shares.

Michele fantasies

A phenomenon that occurred during the days of the concert was that of giving away and/or exchanging friendship bracelets. A tradition that comes from the famous song You’re on Your Own, Kid (ironically not included in the concert lineup).

The Fantasías Miguel craft shop has taken advantage of this tradition in a spectacular way since July and has invited the girls to buy everything they need to make their designs.

This content on X, submitted by a buyer in July, has more than 1.2 million views and more than five thousand reactions. Comes from a shop customer!

I personally had the opportunity to visit a branch the day before the concert and it was amazing to see the demand generated.

Tay-Males of Tamales Garcia

In the third example we have informal but no less effective trade. Indeed, at times, their ingenious ideas are often quite surprising and productive.

During the days of the concert, several informal vendors who usually settle on the outskirts of the Foro Sol, where the concert took place, created products or advertisements for their stalls, using the singer’s name.

One such salesman was Tamales García, who is apparently already known to apply this tactic to every artist who performs in concert. This time the sale was made by Tay-males, in honor of the blonde Taylor, of course.

This usually finds many people amused who attend the event and even take a picture and post it on social networks. This photo on X (formerly Twitter) had nearly 4,000 reactions and 527 reposts.

And if you think it’s a success, we present to you the content that Tamales García themselves have uploaded to their TikTok account. The video has been played over 250,000 times and shows the question of Tay males.

@tamalesgarcia_ Taymales Swift.🫶🏻🫔✨ 🩵💜❤️🫔🧡💚💛 #taymales #taymalesswift #fypシ #soloparati #slp #fyp #taylorswiferastour #tendencia #erastour ♬ Shake it Off Cumbia EZ Band – EZ Band


Already on the day of the concert and in full euphoria to live the experience, Jumex was another brand that took advantage of the moment, also making use of friendship bracelets.

The brand developed thousands of bracelets and placed people at the entrances to literally give them away, which of course were hoarded by the girls, who wanted to wear an extra one on their wrist.

I was surprised to see that Jumex was the only brand to have this simple yet attractive tactic.

7 examples of real-time marketing during Taylor Swift's visit

Ticket collector

Once the concerts were over, Ticketmaster, within their Spotify account, simply curated the songs Taylor Swift had played at the events and put together a playlist with them.

The brand usually does this with many of the concerts it sells tickets for.

A very simple action where you don’t even have to create content, just curate it, and it’s also one of the least used tactics by brands.

Luis Maram

In the end we too did the same. For one of our clients, Expok, who specializes in corporate responsibility consulting, we developed the content “Taylor Swift’s Feminism”, which we managed to rank #1 on Google with that keyword.

And on our site, we created the “Taylor Swift Rankings” content, ranking it #1 on Google, just below the snippet suggested by the search engine.

As you will see with these real-time marketing examples, it is not a tactic that depends on money, but on attention to what is happening and the ingenuity to create a product or communication based on it and which can benefit our brand name.

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