6 email KPIs to monitor to optimize your campaigns

6 email KPIs to monitor to optimize your campaigns

The open rate measures the percentage of subscribers who opened your email out of the total number of emails sent.

= the number of opens divided by the number of emails sent.

Attention, it is interesting to understand when an email is considered open: according to Badsender, the opening of an email by its recipient triggers once the mail images are uploaded. However, on some messaging systems, images may be blocked or the message may be truncated. The email will therefore not be considered opened, even if the user has read it or performed actions on it.

The opening rate, while being interesting for measuring the success of your catchphrases, your sending frequency and the relevance of your target, should therefore be taken with a certain distance. Furthermore, it is not easy to qualify a “good” email open ratethe disparities between the sectors of activity, the types of e-mails, their automation being considerable… Again according to Badsender, the average open rate benchmark they are between 23% open rate for a B2C email and 16% for B2B.

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