5 Online Digital Marketing Courses 100% free and updated

5 Online Digital Marketing Courses 100% free and updated

Do you want to learn digital marketing from home and completely free? Then you are in the right article.

In this list we present several free online digital marketing courses, so you can learn at your own pace and at no cost. Plus, many of them include free certification.

Digital Marketing, Marketing and Web Course

Free digital marketing course

First of all we want to recommend our digital marketing courseorganized by the School of Marketing and Web, and of which we feel enormously proud due to the good feedback from the students.

These are 12 video lessons, from a practical point of view, with which you will lay the foundations to become a digital marketing professional:

  • How to define the business model of any online project
  • How to perform an SEO audit for positioning on Google
  • How to design content that captures as many visits as possible
  • How to use emotional marketing to captivate your audience
  • Social media strategies and ideas for your editorial calendar
  • And a long etcetera…

Furthermore, if you have any questions, you can always find us at your disposal to advise you on the digital marketing training you need.

Activate, from Google

Free digital marketing courses from Google

The free courses of activateGoogle officials, They teach you how to use digital tools like Google Analytics, project management, programming, among others.

Plus, you’ll get a certificate that you can show when looking for a job, which can increase your chances of getting a job or advancing your digital marketing career.

Some of the courses they offer for free are:

  • E-commerce: to learn how to launch your online store and implement your first sales strategies. They will also help you turn a physical business into an online business.
  • Google Ads: These courses are intended for learning the Google advertising tool. Thanks to this knowledge you will be able to create advertising campaigns in the search engine.
  • Google statistics: Thanks to this free course you will have the necessary foundations to study digital analysis, an essential area if you want to process data and improve the statistics of your website or application. Furthermore, it is based on Google Analytics, the free official tool from Google that will help you monitor your visits.
  • YouTube Creators: If you like the world of YouTube and want to earn money by uploading videos, these courses will help you. During the lessons you will learn the basics of creating your own channel, as well as promotion and monetization strategies. This way, you can become a content creator who makes the most of your time.

I insist that they are completely free courses, and that they are free too include the certificate.

Courses hosted on Coursera, by Google

In addition to Google Activate that we looked at earlier, Google has another training program through which it hosts its videos on the platform. Coursera. These courses cover a wide variety of topics, such as digital marketing, web analytics, mobile application programming, data management, and many other areas relevant to the technology industry.

However, you should know this you have to pay for the certificates of Google courses on Coursera, although if your only goal is training, you can see them for free for 7 days.

Google Activate digital marketing courses hosted on Coursera

If you are interested in some courses, I recommend you visit the FAQ section of each one to check, in the end, approximately how much the certificate will cost you. You’ll see that as a general rule it’s about $49 per month, multiplied by the number of months it takes to complete it.

For this reason you should make good use of these 7 days of free trial, writing down in advance which ones you want to consume within this period. Some of the courses that we see as most interesting are:

  • UX Design Professional Certificate: Thanks to this course you will be able to know how to design a web interface or app that is user-friendly. That is, your user experience is satisfactory and fulfills its function.
  • Cloud Architect Professional Certification: Enrollment in this course costs 200 dollars, so it is not free, but it opens the doors to a professional world in high demand with succulent job opportunities related to the field of digital solutions in the cloud.
  • Google Digital Marketing and Ecommerce Professional Certificate: If you are thinking of getting started in digital marketing, this course with a 7-day free trial can help you lay the foundation of what a business requires. You’ll see the fundamentals of marketing, email marketing, data analysis, and getting sales or leads.

So, although these courses are not always free, you can take advantage of those that have a free trial to view them on those days.

Online business and marketing courses by LinkedIn Learning

digital marketing course on LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn also has its own digital marketing training platform, called LinkedIn Learning. Although it covers courses that go beyond marketing, there are a large number of classes dedicated to this topic.

Although the courses require a paid subscription, we have good news: you can have it 1 month free trialenough to absorb the courses you want at an intense pace.

As in the case of Google, we recommend making a list of the ones that interest you most to view them for free during that trial month.

Digitalization and digital marketing courses, organized by Fundae

Fundae digital marketing courses

The project DigitalízatePLUSby Fundae, is funded by the European Union with the aim that users can acquire new digital skills.

In the course listings on this site you will see some highlights such as:

  • Accenture Foundation course on cybersecurity and programming.
  • Nanogrades from the Fundación Telefónica dedicated to the digitalization of the fruit and vegetable, construction and transport sectors.
  • Free Skill for All courses on operating system, programming, cybersecurity or data science.

While some of these courses are very basic, there are more advanced ones. Normally those who talk about digital literacy start from a very low level, and if you already have skills in the field of digital marketing it is better to ignore them.

But others, like the one from Accenture that talks about programming or cybersecurity, may be relevant so that your digital marketing profile is even more attractive for companies and you can train yourself with a free, quality course.

Finally, mention that all these courses are completely free and some with certifications included.

And you, where would you like to train? Would you recommend any other digital marketing courses?

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