5 novelties that should not be missing this summer

5 novelties that should not be missing this summer

1. Distribution channels, new format on Instagram

Earlier this summer, Instagram rolled out a new format on its app: Broadcast Channels. The principle? Give creators the ability to share “one-way” content on a dedicated channel. In fact, subscribers do not have the possibility to reply to messages (text, audio, video, GIF, etc.) transmitted on the channel. They can only react with an emoji or participate in surveys. More intimate than traditional stories or publications, distribution channels make it possible to communicate differently with the public, in particular by sharing, without filters, thoughts on everyday topics.

Famous French creators, such as Léna Situations, were able to test the feature in preview. © CaptureBDM

Learn how to create a broadcast channel

2. The ability to collaborate on a post with 3 other accounts

Introduced in 2022, Collaboration Mode received a partial overhaul this summer. From now on, you can include up to 3 contributors in a publication. In practice, the post is shared on identified accounts, with a shared comment space to avoid duplication. To publish a collaborative post, simply select the option Identify people after editing the content of the photo or video, then click Invite a collaborator.

You can collaborate with 3 users with a public or private account. © BDM assembly

3. Improved direct messages: emoji reactions, fight against spam…

Instagram messaging has also been overhauled over the summer. As in Messenger, it is now possible to quote a message in a private conversation, but also react to it with any emoji. Better, no doubt: the company is testing a new system to limit spam in DMs. In the future, if a user unfollows you, you can send them only a request and the introductory message will contain only text. The goal: to protect users from receiving shocking images and videos from strangers.

Edit Instagram posts
The introductory message will contain text only. ©Instagram

Discover the new option that limits spam

4. A silent mode to not be disturbed

Instagram has gradually rolled out a feature to temporarily disable notifications and send an automatic response to users who try to contact you, in order to inform them of your unavailability. Silent mode can be activated for up to 12 hours. Once activated, a mention indicating your absence appears under your pseudonym and in the messaging system.

Instagram silent mode
Silent mode can be activated for 12 hours. © BDM assembly

Learn how to enable silent mode

5. A musical touch for image carousels

Instagram continued to build features over the summer to add a musical edge to posts, no doubt to compete with TikTok in this niche. The latest addition: musical rides. Concretely, it is now possible to associate a musical extract with a carousel of images published on the platform.

The duration of the excerpt must be between 5 and 90 seconds. © BDM assembly

How to add a music snippet to your carousel

Bonus: Voice Notes Soon?

In a post on his broadcast channel, Instagram boss Adam Mosseri revealed that a new option for Notes was in development: the functionality to share a mood or thought within a 60-character limit. If it was already possible to associate them with a musical extract, users should soon be able to share their thoughts orally. At this point, it’s unclear when the feature will officially launch.

Will Instagram users soon be able to share their thoughts orally? ©Instagram

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