10 Tips of SEO

SEO can be scary because it’s complex and many criteria come into play, but it’s essential, even for a beginner. You want to start your own business and you don’t know about it SEO ? We’ll help you get started with this guide to the 10 essential tips.

The pillars of SEO
The pillars of SEO

1. Have a well built website

Who likes surfing on an unstructured page, where the search for a specific tab is not possible, where the articles are not sorted by categories? You can make every effort in the world to optimize your natural referral, if your website is not well built, visitors will not stay.

The first step is to take the time to build a structured websiteorganized and legible.

It’s simple, but very important.

2. Understand what people are looking for

Depending on your intended audience, your content may not be of interest to everyone. Do you absolutely need a student to come across your site if your content is for business owners? Not really.

It is therefore important understand what your target audience is looking for. For this, you can use keyword research tools. By entering the main keywords that describe your content, you will be able to access the most frequent searches, the questions asked on the subject: in short, the expectations of your target.

There are many keyword generators free which are more than enough to get you started. As your business grows (if you follow our advice, it will grow!), you may consider investing in a paid tool, which is often more efficient.

3. Write shocking and compelling headlines

The titles are among the most important elements, because it is what drives the reader to click on your site and not on that of the competitor that appears just below.

But for your article to appear at the top of searches, it must already comply with SEO rules:

You wish to receive our best articles ?

  • Use the main keyword as early as possible
  • Explain what you will be talking about
  • Be persuasive, appeal to your reader
  • Keep it brief: Google doesn’t like titles that are too long (we recommend no more than 70 characters)

If you stick to these few simple principles, your headline should entice your potential readers to learn more.

4. Choose the right keywords

While we’ve covered keywords before to help you understand what readers are looking for in your content, getting the right keywords into your site is also crucial.

High search volume keywords, simply describing your content, with a moderate level of competition…

Here is a video that explains simply how to choose the right keywords:

5. Provide flawless user experience

L’the user experience is a key criterion in the eyes of the reader. Their experience on your site should stands out from that of your competitors.

Navigation must be intuitive, original and coherent.

Some simple tips:

  • Your site must be able to be opened on all types of devices: computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.
  • Your boards need to be structured
  • Your content must be readable: air out your text, don’t hesitate to insert photos and videos, highlight the important elements (color, bold)
  • Don’t abuse ads, don’t spam your readers

6. Build a strong internal bond

To maximize and optimize your site traffic, it is essential to do this work on your internal network (direct links to other pages on your site).

You have 100% control over this SEO technique, it is very important to use it well.

As soon as new content approaches a topic already covered on your site, include an internal link to redirect a reader who is not knowledgeable about the topic. Remember, the longer the reader stays on your site, the more beneficial it is.

7. Collect as many backlinks as possible

Once your internal linking is solid, you can take a look at the file backlinks so you benefit from it.

It’s more complicated to manage as you don’t have control over it: it’s the links made by other sites to your content.

To maximize your chances of getting those links, the first thing you should do is create high-quality content so that other sites will find you credible and recommend your content.

You can also go looking for inbound links, carefully selecting the source sites.

8. Encourage readers to share your site

Feel free to encourage sharing. Word of mouth remains one of the most important and effective means of communication.

You can ask your readers at the end of the article to share the content if they liked it, or even insert a clickable button to quickly share the article or page on the social networks.

Share button for social networks
Share button for social networks

9. Update your site regularly

And updated content it is higher quality content.

With the speed of the internet, you can quickly be late for the news. And outdated information loses value for the reader, but also for Google: update your publication dates regularly.

You have to stay up to date to be competitive.

10. Be patient

Rome was not built in a day. Be patient.

Even if you apply all these tips, you won’t become the on-topic reference on your topic in a week. SEO is a long-term job. It requires patience and rigor.

You won’t immediately see the result of your efforts, but keep in mind that every action you take will have consequences on your SEO, every little action is important, nothing is useless in terms of SEO.

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