🥇 What is a podcast

▷ 🥇 What is a podcast

A podcast is an on-demand online radio program.

what is podcast

We can say it a podcast is the natural evolution of radio and when you discover them they change your life.

Finding yourself in a traffic jam, traveling by plane or train, cleaning the house or doing physical exercise are tasks that from now on can be many more productive and less boring because… you can listen to podcasts at the same time!

This is one of his main advantages.

You learn something that interests you while doing other things.

Now your days pass to have 48 hours.

⭐️ The great invention of podcasting

Podcasts were invented by Apple with its iPod in 2004 by mixing the word iPod with Broadcast (broadcast).

Fewer and fewer people sit in front of the television and suck in everything they watch, whether they care or not.

And the blame largely began with the increase in the number of thematic channels.

Then it arrived Netflix, HBO, Sky and many other platforms that allow you to consume the content you want most, when you want and where you want.

You can also download and watch movies.

Well, the same thing happened with the Radio.

But not everyone can create their own TV series (although it’s easier thanks to YouTube).

What can be done is create a podcast easily.

The latest podcast I created is called “The Instagram podcast”I created it in less than 2 hours.

Podcasts are trendy and if you have a blog, website or online store this is the best time to have your own podcast.

As I always tell you, it is fundamental create a website to target your podcast audience and work on email marketing.

⚙️ How a podcast works

A podcast is nothing more than several podcasts audio files accessible from a URL called feed or RSS which automatically updates whenever you create a new episode or edit any text.

These audio files in mp3 format They are saved on an audio hosting such as ivoox, Spreaker or Libsyn.

Some are free or have a limited free version and others are paid.

There are many platforms and apps with which listen to hundreds of thousands of podcasts Yes, but the good thing is that we don’t have to upload every new episode to each of these platforms.

Having this “Forage” You will only need to add it to each of the major podcasting platforms so that they are automatically updated by the main source.

Some of these podcast listening platforms offer hosting services such as Speaker or ivoox.

Libsyn For its part, it only deals with hosting.

Google Podcasts searches for podcasts without even having to load a feed and works the same way as any textual content, indexing public content.

With the Google Podcasts app you can listen to your favorite podcasts, download the audio, share them…

Apple Podcasts It requires the feed URL to be uploaded and you need to wait approximately 48 hours for it to be accepted.

This app is only available for Apple devices.

Spotify It also offers the ability to upload a podcast but not host it. Here I will explain how to record a podcast on Spotify.

Anchor allows you to create a file single podcast and listen to a lot of podcasts.

iHeart Radio It’s also another app that’s cool to upload your podcast to if you have it. It is widely used in the United States.

📲 Applications to listen to podcasts

Podcasts are usually listened to by a cell phone or cell phone via an app.

But they can also be listened to from a PC or laptop by going directly to the podcast site, if available.

Many podcasts also upload their episodes to Youtube.

The most used apps for listening to podcasts are:

These are some applications that allow you to do this listen to podcasts and who generate their own podcast database from some of the leading podcast hosting sites.

🤔 What are podcasts about?

There are podcasts on all kinds of topics.

Television series, digital marketing, history like “Histocast”, psychology like “understand your mind“, SEO as “SEO for bloggers”, travel, architecture, cars, astronomy as “Astronomy and something else”…

Even most of the radio programs They also upload their shows in podcast format to be listened to later.

Just about anything you can think of, someone has created a podcast.

But the good thing is this there aren’t as many as blogs.

Therefore if you can’t find a podcast about something in particular it’s time for you to believe it.

🎙 Live podcast

Speaker allows creators to broadcast podcasts live.

Without a doubt it is a very interesting feature.

These episodes then they are saved.

You can too create a podcast from your phone with the Spreaker Studio app or with Anchor (the bad thing about Anchor is that currently you can only create one podcast per account).


with your own mobile microphone the quality is quite high.

But you can also buy a microphone for your podcast.

On the other hand, Clubhouse has become an alternative or complement to the podcast due to its format. live audio in which listeners themselves can participate.

📋 Conclusions

Although podcasts are normally in audio format, they can also be broadcast in video format in some specific applications.

He power of podcasting it’s incredible.

More and more people are discovering this format and it hooks up forever.

And podcasting has become a key tool in digital marketing to differentiate yourself from the competition, grow faster and gain real fans.

Also make money with a podcast It’s getting easier and easier.

I want to know your opinion!

What do you think about podcasts? Do you listen to podcasts? Will you create a podcast? On what topic? Was the post helpful to you?

Tell me about it in the comments!

If you think this article can help someone, please share it.

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