Who are the 10 highest paid influencers in France?

Who are the 10 highest paid influencers in France?

Influencer marketing is a huge market that was worth more than $16.4 billion in 2022. With so much money, the profession of influencer is becoming more and more professional. The top social network influencers in France are now receiving huge sums thanks to their notoriety. Find out who they are.

Consumers, particularly Gen Z, seem immune to traditional advertising. They rely more heavily on recommendations and opinions from influencers on social media. According to Europe Consommateurs, 90% of shoppers are interested in reviews before making a purchase. Thanks to their engaged community, influencers have the power to influence buyers’ purchasing decisions. Today, simple posts, stories and photos are enough to influence consumers. On the other hand, content creators make money. Many young people aspire to pursue this profession. With good reason, the stars of today receive fabulous salaries. Here are the top 10 influencers with the highest salaries in France.

How do top influencers make money in France?

An influencer makes money in different ways. Its main source of income is sponsored post. This practice is common on Tik Tok and Instagram. Their stories highlight a product, service, or brand and get paid for it. This advertising is not immune to misuse. Last year, Complément d’Enquête highlighted certain practices like dropshipping. The scandal began in 2022 with a clash between French rapper Booba and reality TV stars who are also influential influencers.

Product placement is a practice similar to sponsored posting. Only the influencer subtly quotes the product in his videos. Cyprien does this regularly on YouTube with NordVPN.

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Thanks to their notoriety, some influencers are paid for attending a cultural or professional event. Others have even had film appearances like Mister V in Camping 3, Le Flambeau and Pattaya.

Several influencers have done it too launched their own brand. Your community already offers high quality prospects. The most famous are Squeezie and her brand Yoko, Jeanne Damas and her brand Rouje etc.

Finally, Partnership is a common source of income for influencers. This is the case, for example, with Lena Situations and her collaboration with Adidas. Léa Elui, the star of Tik Tok, also works with Givenchy.

Ranking of the highest paid French influencers

Contrary to popular belief, fashion influencers do not dominate the ranking. On the contrary, these top 10 show a wide disparity in the content offered by these YouTubers. The influencers who earn the most in France are:

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1. Press

The 27-year-old web videographer made his name on YouTube in 2011, where he is the most followed Frenchman with 18 million subscribers. It also tops the rankings of major networks by counting 43 million followers. Squeezie’s real name is Lucas Hauchard and it mainly offers humorous videos.

This content creator would make between $16,000 and $271,000 per monthie more than 3.2 million euros during the year.

2. Cyprian

The second in the ranking belongs to the same generation as Squeezie. Cyprien counts like him a pioneer of comedy videos on YouTube. The two even worked together for several years. Today the videographer is both a blogger and a screenwriter. Cyprien receives a monthly salary of between 1,700 and 28,000 euros.

3. Norman Thavaud

Although many predict a decline due to multiple allegations of underage rape and corruption, they still sit third in the rankings. Actually even The YouTube platform has disabled monetization of their channel. He currently earns between 1,100 and 20,000 euros a month, i.e. around 230,000 euros a year.

4. Leah Elui

She is the first Tik Tok influencer in the ranking. At just 22, Léa Elui is also the French with the most followers on Instagram. She currently has over 30 million followers on social media. The native of Chambéry would get around 100,000 euros on the Chinese platform 45,000 euros for each post thanks to its 11 million followers.

5. Mr V

Mister V is one of the top influencers in France thanks to its 26 million followers on social networks. The content creator describes himself as a web comedian. After several collaborations with other stars like Cyprien, he began a career in cinema. We see it for example in the movie Le Flambeau and Camping 3. It would also be on the poster for the next Transformers.

6.Tibo Inshape

The 31-year-old videographer is the first athlete in the ranking. The influencer gained notoriety through regular bodybuilding videos on YouTube. With this content, the company was able to gain 25 million subscribers in the networks.

Victim of a salary controversy, Tibo Inshape has decided to disclose his salary in total transparency. The influencer would have earned almost 3 million euros thanks to his YouTube channel in 10 years career. This number doesn’t take into account side projects like collaborating with brands or product placement in the content. In short, he would currently receive between 85,000 and 1,300,000 euros per year.

7.Nabilla Benattia

She is the first reality TV star in the ranking. In just a few years, Nabilla Benattia has grown into a brilliant influencer and entrepreneur. Followed by more than 14 million people, She would rake in around 400,000 euros a month.

8th. NATO

The former police officer turned humorist, videographer and singer has almost 14 million subscribers. Last year she would have received around 80,000 euros. Brand partnerships are not included in this number. Over and beyond, The young woman collected 221,000 euros by selling her shares in Talent Web according to BFM Business.

9. Have fun with Phoenix

EnjoyPhoenix, whose real name is Marie Lopez, is one of the top influencers in France thanks to its 13 million subscribers. She became famous on YouTube for her beauty tutorials. She even took part in the 2015 edition of Dancing with the Stars. During an interview with Mouv Radio, the 28-year-old revealed her salary. more active on Instagram, EnjoyPhoenix would earn between 1,000 and 15,000 euros per story on the platform.

10.Jessica Thivenin Garcia

The former reality TV contestant closes this ranking of the top influencers in France. The model and the businesswoman have more than 12 million followers on the main networks. With her husband Thibault Garcia, The couple would be paid around €300,000 a month, according to a classification published by TPMP.

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