What's new in community management in 2023 and 2024

What’s new in community management in 2023 and 2024

THE community management it has evolved considerably over the years, becoming an essential lever for many companies present online and in particular on social networks. Today, in 2023, and after more than 14 years of presence in France, it is time to take stock of what community management has become.

What is community management today?

Let’s remember that community management is the universe that brings together all the actions carried out in particular on social networks, and everything that aims to improve the commitment of a brand or company on the web.

And the community administrator job which is at the center of community management and which deals with social networks on behalf of a structure or a person.

community management in 2023

Among the actions implemented in community management, we find much of what is practiced digital marketing, writing and SEO as well as content creation in the broadest sense. This is why the community manager is a person with multiple skills. However, this must be underlined salary of the community manager it does not reflect his many talents, certainly due to a lack of specialization.

2 foundations remain at the center of community management; social media management et the search for commitment through various actions. The missions of the community manager being multiple, it is appropriate to underline what constitutes the core of the CM profession, because many other levers can be added over the years.

Management of the most popular social networks

The community manager is responsible social media management within the company or brand they work for. He is an expert in most popular social networks and publishes content that it creates or that the communications department provides to it.

The CM must therefore know the mechanics and linguistic codes of the most used social networks such as Facebook, X (Twitter), Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn and YouTube. It will be able to master other platforms like Pinterest, Messenger, WhatsApp and other emerging networks like Be real which supports the authenticity we will see below.

Management of the most popular social networks

The management of social networks is the basis of the community manager’s work through which he must create proximity and involvement with his community.

The search for commitment

The search for commitment it is the first lever to work on in community management, because it is about getting closer to your community improve its visibility and image. The engagement sought in the context of community management is mainly based on the interactions obtained on social networks; Likes, shares, views, clicks and comments. This has been the primary job of the community manager for as long as this role has existed.

The commitment it is measured through a rate involving interactions on social networks. It is an indicator that demonstrates the involvement and level of interaction of members of a community. The term loyalty is no longer appropriate with social networks because Internet users today are very volatile. They can freely follow the brands they want whenever they want and unfollow easily and sometimes for no apparent reason.

Only brands or influencers with a strong reputation are able to retain the subscribers who follow them. There seek commitment to community management it is therefore a job that requires a CM on a daily basis. It’s not about it call a community manager occasionally but full time if you want to stand out.

What’s new in community management in 2023 and 2024

In 2023 and for several years now we have been observing small changes in the world of community management. We can undoubtedly anticipate the rise of video with the main networks Instagram and TikTok, although all the others also allow sharing of this format.

What's new in community management in 2023 and 2024

It is the short format that takes precedence, because it has a direct impact Generation Z who is a consumer of short and entertaining content. We can almost evoke a form of ephemeral content with videos, because zapping is legion on the Instagram and TikTok networks.

In community management, the video editing becomes a priority among the skills to be acquired. You don’t need to train on solutions like Adobe Premiere or Final Cut, because there are many of them video editing software which are convenient and easier to use.

Moreover the 3 big new developments in community management will be seen in terms of artificial intelligence, of authenticity sought by users and of moderation of behavior.

1. Artificial intelligence (AI) in community management

Artificial intelligence has become ubiquitous in digital spheres and is found in the majority of community manager tools and web marketing. We can notice it create a content strategy using artificial intelligence it is becoming a recurring practice as well as the contents themselves with tools like ChatGPT which have turned everything upside down.

We also note the turning point of AI image generators deposit illustrate its contents, create unique images and unfortunately also create fake news in the process. Artificial intelligence has become almost a norm in content creation, but with its attendant setbacks. It is therefore essential that in managing the community, the CM can know and ultimately master the main tools including ChatGPT and possibly MidJourney for the most well-known.

No risk of community management disappearing due to artificial intelligence! However, we will need to be careful when creating content, because measures will be taken to differentiate actual publications from those created via AI, which will certainly lead to a return to authenticity.

2. Focus on authenticity in community management

It is clear that with artificial intelligence, the resurgence of fake news and increasingly cold and superficial content, authenticity will be an increasingly heightened expectation among users. We were able to discover this from an influencer like Lena Situations, who supports this authenticity at the expense of bling bling and excessive retouching.

Authenticity on social media

The BeReal social network is also riding this wave by focusing on the present moment without resorting to retouching but rather on spontaneity and “without filters”. It is clear that communities will increasingly expect this spontaneity where it is also about making themselves accessible and showing the other side of a scene that will not necessarily be better elsewhere.

Authenticity will then create this rapprochement based on commitment, who is still sought after in community management. Above all, do not give in to the sirens of AI and risk losing what can enrich a brand or company close to its customers and users.

3. Moderation of behavior in community management

If we talk about content moderation, we too often forget that behind it there are individuals who act behind an identified account or avatar. With the possible breakthrough of virtual reality, on which Facebook seems to have bet everything, we will have to deal with individuals and not just with content.

Some episodes have reported behavioral problems in virtual universes, which tends to confirm that moderation may take this path in the years to come. It is therefore obvious that we will have to be vigilant and very curious regarding community management in the years to come. A phenomenon that could occupy more space than content moderation!

Moderation of behaviors in community management

Behavior moderation it also requires expertise in individual psychology, which would make this lever a specialty in which to train.


3 main areas to remember without forgetting that community management is reaching peak saturation, with clear competition becoming tougher year after year. The community manager’s job therefore becomes increasingly difficult to carry out.

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