What website can I create to earn money?

live from a blog It is the dream of many, and sometimes it remains just a dream because not even the first step is ever taken.

But for create a successful blog Not only do you have to do it, you also have to maintain it, although it is true that there are types of blogs that, once the work done is finished, can give you passive income to live on.

Here I will explain differently types of blogs you can do withoutto give you some ideas, but there are many others!

What to create a blog to be able to earn a living?

Something you like. From something you are passionate aboutsomething you’re always looking for information about simply because you feel like it.

With a blog you can make your hobby your profession.

Anything goes, if you like video games, focus on video games, if you like traveling, let it be about travel, you like photography, well photography, if you are passionate about Instagram, then focus on Instagram.

To me for example I like to travel to a foreign country and settle therefinding a new job, a house and trying to adapt to new cultures and that’s why I did it MeVoyalMundo.com.

To my friend and co-author of this page, Marcohe loves extreme sports and that’s why he did it Extremos.pro (even though he has already sold it and today it is abandoned, but he earned 600 euros a month).

Marco has retired from this world, but today I can say it I live off my blogs.

At the time we decided to create this blog because we are passionate about what we do, because we like to share our experience and help others realize what many think is a utopia.

Surely there is a world out there with similar tastes to yours and it’s time to give that group a home, where you will be the supreme leader.

Better to say, one more house, because definitely whatever you thought of, it has already been inventedbut you always can put your personal stampwhich is something like fingerprints, unique, so forget about copying and pour all of yourself into that new project you’ve always had in mind.

Once you are clear on the theme of your blog, Research which advertisers will pay you for this and so you can get started write articles aimed at monetizing themFrom the first moment.

Types of blogs and how you can make money with them

One of the best ways to make money with your blog, apart from the well-known ones Google Adsense, are the affiliates. THE affiliates They are usually companies that They pay you based on the customers you get.

Always try to recommend the best and not the one that will make you earn the most.

Below I give you examples of some advertisers that usually work quite well. But there are many others, these are just a few examples, so that they can serve as inspiration.

Blog about football

Even if what you love is beautiful sport, the soccerengine of our country’s passions, you can too earn money with that.

Here, the main affiliates with which you can earn a lot of money are the betting shops.

For example 888Sports pays you €45 per user to register via your link and meet a series of requirements. You can register as an affiliate on 888Sports through his website.

In Tradetracker you will also find affiliate programs of many others betting shops.

travel blog

On this topic I would dare to say yes where there are multiple affiliate programs, In the following article you will find some examples.

Blogs like this

We are not afraid of competition, especially because we are nobody, and our maxim is to share everythingso here are some examples of how to make money with a blog that talks about how to bloghosting or how monetize a website.

hosting company

Talk about your favorite hosting or the one that pays you the most and start charging every user who registers through your link.

They pay very well, for example Hostgator, up to $125 for each user that you send

We prefer to advise Webimpresawho only pay 20%, but we think it’s the best.


Hay SEO and online marketing courses that are really worth paying for.

There are things that can take years to learn if you do it yourself, as in my case, I have always been reluctant to pay for anything.

My colleague Marco, for example, has already made several SEO courses of many experts and in a few months we can say that it has paid for itself.

Here is an article with the best SEO coursesmost of them will pay you a commission for each client you bring.

Webmaster tools

To be a professional blogger you need to have your own tools to analyze the competition and see how you can improve your articles to position them better on Google. They also give you a commission for every customer you convince.

My favorite, for example, is Semrush and get 40% of the subscriptions you generate.

That is, if you convince 20 people to opt for the cheapest subscription, you could already earn $1,000 a month.

Blog about art

If you are an artist, a painter of paintings for example, create a file blog where you teach your techniques. Blogs that teach things to do are always a good niche.

Through Amazon.es you could sell the tools needed to paint pictures and you could also do promotion platforms to sell works of artFor example Catawiki also pays you for each user who registers via your link.

Blog about literature

What do you like to read, well that’s fine too, create a website that talks about your favorite books and recommend them via Amazon.es.

E-books are something that more and more people are buying online and so you can earn a commission for each one that people buy through your links.

cooking blog

Cooking and recipe blogs are one of the topics that drive users to spend more time on your website, and it’s easy to build loyalty with your audience if you can actually help them cook the recipe they were looking for or that you discovered.

To make money with a cooking blog you can recommend food processors, kitchen utensils, recipe books…

fashion blog

If what you like is fashion and showing off your outfits, you also have a world of possibilities.

More people every time buy clothes online!

And brands know it and many of them know it too. They have affiliate programs so you can earn money with every sale you make..

Blog about investing and the stock market

The platforms of online commerce They pay a lot of money, I earned more than 1,000 euros in a month with just one article about itimagine an entire blog with several well-placed articles!

Have you already decided what to do with your blog?

Here are just 7 examples, but there is something for all tastes and colors, tell us in the comments what you like and we will recommend you how you can make money with your blogbut the first step is to do it, don’t put it off until tomorrow, lock yourself in your room and do it now.

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