What is marketing mentoring and what is it for?

For many years I have been a digital marketing and business mentor for SMEs and entrepreneurs, but the reality is that I have never stopped to define it and I would like to resolve some doubts that I encounter quite frequently. I have discussed many of these topics in my book “Marketing for Entrepreneurs”.

So let’s go step by step trying to resolve these doubts. The first.

What is a marketing mentorship?

It is the support that a company receives from a digital marketing expert who, in a completely personalized way, guides you in defining and implementing the best marketing and business strategy for your company.

A wide variety of areas are touched upon in this process, often pushing the limits of digital marketing. Sometimes to take advantage of marketing you need to transform your company from the inside out.

Who is a marketing mentor?

The marketing mentor must be a person who combines several factors:

  • Proven experience as a manager of companies and/or marketing teams.
  • Experience in digital marketing.
  • Empathy and lateral thinking to have the ability to put yourself in the student’s shoes and find creative solutions that adapt to their situation.

On a personal level, the mentor becomes the closest thing to a personal trainer. If we bring it to the business world, a good mentor is a marketing consultant or an external marketing director for the mentee and the company.

How long should digital mentoring last?

It has no set deadline. Every company or business project is different and therefore has unequal needs.

But to try to give an answer and speaking of average times, I believe that the minimum period is around 4-6 months. Obviously it depends on the intensity of the mentoring sessions and the work done by the mentee and the company.

I have all kinds of cases. From the “minimum” 4-6 months to companies I have been working with for almost three years.

Digital Marketing Mentoring Objectives

The strategic objective is to define and implement the best digital marketing strategy, but this is the general framework that encompasses a multitude of cases and needs. There are companies that need to reorganize their daily activity before starting to think about a strategy, others that have the challenge of expanding their business and must start by evaluating and reformulating their business model…

Ultimately, what marketing mentorship allows you to do is do things better and more efficiently. That is, it allows you to save time and money by making the best decisions to make your marketing activity profitable and try to obtain the desired results.

Who is digital tutoring aimed at?

It is often said When the student is ready, the teacher appears. Well, something similar happens in mentoring. For this to work, the student needs to be clear about why and why she needs help. And for this reason it is good that you have some previous experience trying to do it by other means, which leads you to this belief.

Marketing tutoring is aimed at anyone who has clear ideas on this topic and has a project in hand. But the most common thing is that it is a company director or entrepreneur.

How marketing mentorship works

In my case it always starts the same way. The first thing is to do the best diagnosis of the situation to define the need or problem we need to address. Once this point is clarified, we will define a exciting project which solves the situation and in whose development and execution I will accompany you from start to finish (and in a completely personalized way).

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