What is a digital advertising display: advantages and types 2023

What is a digital advertising display: advantages and types 2023

What’s a advertising exposure? What types of advertising displays are there? In this post you will see the advantages, the most used types of displays and what they are. display of digital advertising.

In a world where advertising is increasingly an essential factor for the success of companies, display advertising plays a crucial role in offline advertising as it allows you to attract the public’s attention and generate interest in what is promoted through different formats such as billboards, roll ups, LED screens or advertising banners.

If you continue reading this article you will see the benefits of this type of advertising and the different types available to capture the attention of a target audience.

What is an advertising display

AND advertising exposure it’s a visual advertising format which is used to promote products, services or brands on different platforms.

It consists of a physical or digital medium that displays advertising messages with the aim to attract public attention and arouse interest in what is promoted.

Advertising displays can have various forms such as billboards, roll ups, posters, LED screens, totems, brochures, advertising banners, etc.

Its main purpose is communicate a message in an impactful and effective way.

Objectives of a digital advertising display

Advertising display has several objectives such as:

  • Improve brand visibility
  • Attract public attention and generate interest
  • Encourage interaction with customers
  • Convey a message and provoke a response
  • Increase brand sales

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Using an advertising display offers numerous advantages to companies and brands that want to promote their products or services effectively. Let’s see some of them.

Advantages of using an advertising display

  1. Increase visibility and reach: Advertising displays are placed in strategic places, which helps to capture the attention of many people. This helps gain more visibility and reach for the promoted brand or product.
  2. Greater visual impact: Advertising displays have a strong visual impact because they use images, bold colors and concise messages to attract attention and convey the message effectively.
  3. It allows for better audience segmentation: Depending on the location and medium chosen, we can target advertisements towards a specific audience, as we can segment the target audience and ensure that the message reaches the desired people.
  4. Helps increase credibility and trust: Using advertising displays in recognized and highly visible locations can help improve a brand’s credibility and trust, as consumers typically associate a prime location with recognized and trustworthy brands.
  5. It allows for 24-hour presence: Unlike other advertising media, such as television or radio commercials, advertisements are present 24 hours a day, which helps a brand or product to always be visible.

Now that you know what a digital advertising display is and its benefits, it’s time to see what types you can use. There are several types of advertising displayseach with specific characteristics and applications, which we will see in this section.

Types of advertising displays

Some of types From advertising displays the most common are:

Roll up advertising displays

Roll up

Los roll up They are portable and self-winding advertising displays. These displays are made up of a metal structure that supports graphics printed on high quality material.

They usually have double-sided printing, which allows the message to be visible from different angles. They are a versatile and effective option for promoting a brand or product.

They are perfect for events, fairs, conferences or presentations where a practical and easy-to-transport solution is required.

Example: Imagine a Roll up with a company’s logo and products at a corporate event, capturing the attention of participants.


S billboards They are one of the most common types of outdoor advertising displays. They are positioned in strategic positions, such as along busy roads, in urban areas or in highly visible places to convey advertising messages in an impactful and constant manner.

For example, A billboard on a highway can promote a new car model with an image of the vehicle and the campaign slogan.

LED textile totems

Los LED textile totems This is an LED advertising display that uses LED screens in a printed fabric frame. These are usually vertical structures that combine high-quality graphic printing with LED lighting.

These displays offer a stunning viewing experience and can display dynamic or static content, making them an attractive option for promoting your brand.

    LED textile totem LED advertising display

They are ideal for standing out in commercial spaces, shops, events or exhibitions.

Example: An LED textile totem in a shopping mall showing seasonal promotions of different stores, attracting shoppers’ attention.

Advertising banners (pen type and drop type)

S advertising banners, whether feather or teardrop, are advertising displays in the form of flags hung from poles or on the facades of buildings. They usually carry the logo or a brand message and are effective for outdoor promotion.

Display of advertising banner ads

These displays can be seen on streets, squares or shop windows. They are ideal for promoting events, offers or highlighting the location of your business.

Example: Advertising banners hanging on the streets of a city, announcing discounts in a store during the sales season.

Mupis brought digital advertising display

Mupi LED

Los Mupi LED They are advertising displays that combine screens and LED structures to show digital advertisements in public spaces.

These displays allow for the rotation of different adverts, making them ideal for multi-brand advertising.

They are usually installed in strategic places in cities, such as busy streets, shopping centers or public transport stops.

Example: An LED Mupi at the bus stop showing advertisements of different brands while people wait for public transport.

Photocall digital advertising displayEl Photocall

He Photocall It is a popular advertising display at events. It consists of a structure that supports a fabric printed with the desired design (an attractive background where people can take photos).

This fabric usually contains the logo, colors and other visual elements related to the brand or promoted event.

The main objective is to promote a brand, product or event. It is used in different contexts, such as product launches, parties, conferences, fairs, corporate events or weddings.

AND examplein digital marketing events, organize a photocall so that attendees can take photos with event speakers and post them on their social networks with the event hashtag.

Interchangeable graphic tent

THE interchangeable graphic marquee It is a type of advertising display commonly used in transit spaces, such as subway stations, trains or bus stops.

It consists of a structure containing graphic panels that can be easily modified to display different advertising messages.

Its main goal is to allow multiple brands the opportunity to display their advertising in the same space and over a period of time.

AND example The clearest way to use this type of display is to see the shelters located on the platforms or near the entrances to subway stations.

These are some of the most common advertising displays, but there are many others such as:

  • External stand
  • Magnetic showcase
  • cardboard display
  • Separating border pillars
  • Cubrealarmas
  • Real estate folder for furniture in the showcase
  • Custom curtains
  • Advertising dispensers
  • Display boxes
  • Display furniture
  • Price for petrol stations, etc.

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As you can see, there are many types of advertising displays that can help businesses and brands promote their products and services effectively.

Of course, when choosing a type of digital advertising display it is important to keep in mind that each type has its own specific characteristics and applications, so it is important to select the most appropriate one for your marketing and campaign needs and objectives.

What other types of advertising displays would you recommend?

If you feel like it, share the article on your social networks so that other people can see the benefits of digital display advertising.

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