Twitter invites us to create new policies together that make the platform more human. Join us! Highlights and shadows of the brands

Twitter invites us to create new policies together that make the platform more human.  Join us!  – Highlights and shadows of the brands

Now we can Work with Twitter to create the new guidelines to humanize the platform and in this post I will leave you a link so you can join.

All of us who have used Twitter on a personal and professional level for many years have witnessed firsthand how the platform has gradually transformed, from being a wonderful “plaza mayor of a big city” to being dehumanizing and becoming increasingly dehumanizing Boxing ring where disrespect and insults already seem normal to us.

I have always maintained that the blame for change does not lie with the platform, but with all of us who are part of this network every day, starting with the politicians and the media, who anger the environment on a daily basis, no matter what ​sign they are standing .

I’m literally repeating part of what I wrote in January 2010 (A Better World). Surely you don’t know my words about Twitter as the network it is today:

“I conclude that on the network we are building a better world, the world each of us wants to wake up to every morning.”

As I relive the experiences of recent times, I reflect on how it is possible that we live in two worlds so different every day, those of us who are now dedicating ourselves to the gargling – tweeting – (like this morning on Cadena Ser said).

In the real world, our bosses, co-workers, our customers, our neighbors, and maybe ourselves, don’t seem as charming and polite as what we encounter every day on the internet.”

Twitter Policy

That was Twitter in 2009/2010 and suddenly…

Well, aware of this, they are launching a poll on Twitter, proposing that among all users we can build the network that we really want, but with global perspectives. No more tension, bad manners, arguing instead of debating, insulting, or hate-mongering.

It’s about getting Twitter to engage in healthy public discussion. It’s one thing to have the freedom to express your opinions and engage in debates with those who think differently, and it’s quite another to have users who systematically insult, threaten, or incite violence.

“Dehumanizing language is a hallmark of hate speech because it can make violence seem acceptable” Susan Benesch

i leave her THIS IS THE ENLACE of the Twitter post Here you will find the survey, which you can take until October 9th and leave your opinions and recommendations.

If we want something to change, we have to get involved.


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