TikTok analysis with Metricool step by step

TikTok analysis with Metricool step by step

Do you want to have your TikTok analyzes always ready with Metricool?

We teach you how to see the statistics of your videos, how to prepare them for your monthly report and thus become a great TikToker.

TikTok analytics with Metricool

To measure your TikTok stats with Metricool, you must first have an account in the tool.

With this link that I leave you below you will have it in less than five minutes:

⚡️ Register for FREE on Metricool

Then you need to link your account From TikTok to Metricool by clicking in the upper right corner, where your brand is > Connections > TikTok.

Now yes, you are all set to know what happens to your TikTok account thanks to Metricool.

TikTok metrics with Metricool

Let’s move on to what matters, what information do you have in Metricool to analyze your TikTok profile?

From the platform you have all the information of your TikTok account, both personal and business.

The engine of your account: your TikTok profile followers. In this first section you will have an analysis of the growth of your account: followers and number of videos.

Also a follower balance of the term you have selected in the calendar.

Who are your followers? What is your demographic profile? In this section you will have this information:

By gender, male or female, and by country in a graph with the nationality of your followers.

In the Account section you have the metrics of the visits you have received to your profile and the number of videos to have a comparison of: More videos equal more visits?

Here you’ll find a summary of your video metrics: engagement, interactions, reach, views, and video uploads.

In Metricool you can see the total views you’ve gotten with the TikToks you’ve uploaded in the chosen time period. Also, about the videos you uploaded every day.

This way you can see how many views you had in a day when you uploaded more or fewer videos.

The most important metric to know how users reacted to your videos, whether they participated, liked or ignored your content.

With Metricool you can measure total interactions, as well as the number of likes, comments and times your videos have been shared. And as in the previous metric, next to the number of videos you recorded in the selected time period.

As with views, this feature allows you to compare the number of videos you’ve uploaded each day against the interactions you’ve gotten.

With this data, Metricool offers you the source of “traffic” for your videos. That is to say, it allows you to know what is the origin of your impressions and thus promote sources to increase these impressions, as well as see which ones are the weakest and strengthen them.

This way, you can see in the graph if the visits to your video come from:

✅ Feed from ‘For you’ or ‘For you’.

✅ Feed from ‘To follow’ or ‘Following’.

✅ E hashtags that the user found and showing your video.

✅ E sound where the user arrives and finds your video.

✅ From personal profilewatch a video that interests you and start from there.

✅ From the page of to discoverin searches.

In this section you have the average view per video metrics: which is the sum of watch time divided by the number of views.

The other section, Avg/Video Duration, is how long you hold the user with the video they are watching.

In this ranking of your TikToks you will be able to see at a glance how each of the videos you have uploaded performs.

Metricool shows you the date you posted on TikTok, the number of views, likes, comments, shares and duration.

Likewise, you can sort the list by the metric that interests you the most and customize the columns: if you prefer that the publication date or duration not appear, for example.

If you need to, you can add up to nine new columns to have information about your videos at the click of a button (this data doesn’t appear in reports): Full Video Viewed, Total Time Viewed, Average Time Viewed, For You, Followed , hashtag, sound, profile and search

At the bottom of the video are two more buttons: one with TikTok copy information, and another with a direct link to watch the video.

cool metric tiktok analytics

Custom TikTok reports with Metricool

Do you want to have all the data from your videos in a personalized report to present to your client or agency as a media kit?

Wish fulfilled, with Metricool it is a reality.

As simple as at the beginning of each month, generate the report with the performance of your videos:

  • In in the left column of your Metricool dashboard click Reportschoose the period and the language and tick the TikTok box: you can customize it with a template, add your brand logo, etc.
  • Would you rather forget the report and have it sent to Metricool every month? Having said that, select the destination email address, add a text if you want and that’s it. Metricool will send your report automatically every month.
tiktok analytical reports metricool

This is how you can measure TikTok analytics with Metricool, with views and interactions data and have it in your performance reports.

If you want to know everything about Metricool, we leave you this Mega tutorial with all the features of the tool.

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