Threads allows all users to control who can cite their posts

Threads allows all users to control who can cite their posts
Threads has officially implemented the ability to control Who can cite your posts in the app?providing another level of control over your app experience.

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As you can see in this example, now in the options menu for each individual Threads post (the three-dot menu at the top right), there is a new option listed for “Who can reply and quote.” Tap that and you can then limit who can quote your posts, with your three options being “Anyone,” “Profiles you follow,” or “Mentioned only.”
Which is a step further than X (formerly Twitter), which allows users to limit who can reply, but not who can quote a post. And that could be a powerful disincentive to negativity and “post dumps” on the app, putting more control in the hands of each individual user.
Thread Manager Adam Mosseri announced the update Looking ahead to last weekend, noting that:
“I hope this helps Threads continue to be a more positive place and gives people more control over their experience.”
Some users have had access to an early version of this for a few weeks now, so it may not be entirely new. But now it’s available to everyone, adding to the growing variety of control options that Threads is adding to its user interface.
Which also includes:
These tools provide more ability for users to control their in-app experience, and with social media users now much more in tune with their various options on this front, it’s good to see the Threads team prioritizing these tools, helping to protect users, in various ways.
In fact, over time, more and more conversations have been generated on social networks. leave public spaces and enter private chats, as people look to get away from the angst and scrutiny that can come with their main streams. As such, the ability to control who can interact with your posts is an important consideration and, as Mosseri points out, also aligns with Meta’s broader mission of make Threads a more positive experience.
It’s another good step, which could eventually see Threads become the chat app of choice as X looks to lean more into divisive arguments.

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