The top 5 specializations for the community manager

The top 5 specializations for the community manager

The missions of the community manager are sufficiently numerous and diverse to avoid falling into routine, if the CM has to work on a variety of topics Obviously. However, we still see that the community manager’s salary remains quite low, given his many skills in carrying out his actions.

It is therefore recommended for the community managerhave at least one specialization to demonstrate in order to obtain an interesting position and better negotiate their salary in the company.

So we’ll see what they are the top 5 specializations for the community manager.

The top 5 specializations for the community manager

Deposit stand out as a community manager sometimes it is essential to specialize to avoid finding yourself in competition with many other profiles with equivalent skills. The skills and qualities of the community manager it can be very numerous, but it cannot be excellent in all areas.

the top 5 specializations for the community manager

To remedy this, different specializations are possible for the community manager according to the expectations of companies and brands. That’s why after a responsible for the training community, it will be useful to continue on a floating area. We will look at 5 of them that can help a company to achieve, among other things, a better image and better long-term awareness.

Objectives in community management often in relation to these 2 axes after the work on visibility and traffic to be researched, it is necessary to know what can help to develop them in particular online. To support marketing and communication, the community manager can therefore provide one or more areas of expertise that will be valorised.

These specializations can then help you negotiate better community manager salaryupdate it if it is necessary to follow training courses in parallel.

Discover the 5 best specialties to develop for the management of your community:

1. Specialization in web writing and SEO

Writing on the web and SEO that go hand in hand, are fundamental levers in business when you want to stand out and achieve good positions on search engines. If the community manager actually creates content, it’s another to produce search engine optimized articles with the knowledge of SEO tools that this requires.

This is undoubtedly the most interesting specialty for the community manager to meet the obvious need of companies regarding SEO today. No company present online and with a website that provides content can do without SEO. However, only companies with a very strong reputation can skip it!

You must know how to write, know SEO tools to analyze, monitor, research keywords, etc. and stay abreast of this rapidly evolving universe.

2. Specialization in artificial intelligence tools

Artificial intelligence has been ubiquitous for years in many areas, on a more or less large scale. Today AI tools allow you to create visual and editorial content! It is therefore essential for a community manager to know the fundamentals. Artificial intelligence in community management with tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney in particular, it will no doubt evolve further in the years to come.

cm specialization in artificial intelligence tools

Community management training programs already integrate them and there is no doubt that the developments are still only in the experimental stage. No doubt artificial intelligence will still have many surprises in store for us in the future. For a community manager, it will be interesting learn about artificial intelligence tools and master everything about it requests and questions that create content.

3. Specialization in field community management

Field community management It consists of meet your community on the one hand, and knowing how to rely on it for its evolution on various internal aspects of the company. Develop your own product and/or service offering, co-create new products, develop content, exchange offers, create partnerships, etc.

Secondly, the community manager can take the field to produce content for his community. This may be the case community management of municipalitiesThus, in the field of games, music and sports, in the construction sector and in many other universes where it is possible to search for external content.

The goal is to bring engagement with your community to a higher level and to allow, for example in the context of recurring events, to build cross-community links. This bond is the possibility for members to meet each other, to create a weld and a stronger bond.

4. Specialization in customer relations via messaging and social networks

The relationship with the customer in community management through messaging and social networks, it is a universe in which it is necessary to make a difference to satisfy customers on a daily basis. While consumers have easily migrated to these platforms to solicit brands and businesses, you still need to know how to take advantage of them in order to properly manage your customer relationship.

The relationship with the customer it requires having a strong personality and knowing how to resist adversity and unfortunately the many linguistic differences pronounced on the platforms. The customer remains king, within the limits of mutual respect, but it is advisable not to get carried away and to respond diplomatically. It is an exercise that combines moderation and the ability to satisfy the customer.

Specializing in this universe can allow you to take on new responsibilities and to manage a customer relationship unit over the long term via social networks.

5. Specialization in video editing

Video editing in community management has its place to the extent that the format is increasingly used in communication through social networks. The platforms YouTube, Instagram and Tiktok are a perfect example, although you can also share videos on LinkedIn, Twitter X, Facebook Meta and many other channels.

specialization in video editing for the community manager

Specialized in video editing is mastering top software such as Adobe Premiere, After Effect or Final Cut on the Mac. At the same time you can also use other tools for video creation and editing, for example from the Magix software range. Getting started with this software is not always easy as it offers hundreds of possibilities and features. This is also why it is necessary creativity in community management stand out and stand out from its competitors.

Keep in mind that this is a highly demanded specialty and will be more and more as we see the share that video represents in the content broadcast on social networks.


Here you are 5 specializations to be developed in community management to make a difference and meet the expectations and needs of companies.

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