the production responds to the departure of Matthieu Delormeau and Benjamin Castaldi

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Lionel Stan, General Manager of H20 Productions, recently agreed to entrust himself to TV Mag. The opportunity for him to mention the departures of Matthieu Delormeau and Benjamin Castaldi. He actually gave the reasons why the two columnists chose to leave the TPMP show.

TPMP: Cyril Hanouna’s tribute to his former columnists

While Cyril Hanouna is known for hosting TPMP, the columnists have also gained some notoriety thanks to the show. Over the years, viewers have seen many public figures on the show.

Among them Matthieu Delormeau and Benjamin Castaldi, who have been columnists on the talk show for years. But as all good things must come to an end, the two men preferred it leave the show. While Matthieu Delormeau announced his departure well before the end of the “TPMP” season, Benjamin Castaldi only formalized his departure from the Parisian on June 22.

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Nevertheless, Cyril Hanouna does not forget her. The proof ? During the last edition of the season of “Touche pas à mon poste”, the moderator paid a small tribute to the chroniclers who left the show this year.

“We give them big, big kisses. They also contributed to the success of TPMP. Thank you very much! “, he explained. Words that will surely touch those most affected.

However, the departures of these columnists have raised questions among fans of the show. The show’s producer recently revealed some more details about their departures, particularly those of Matthieu Delormeau and Benjamin Castaldi.

The Confidentialities of the Producer upon their Departure

This Thursday, June 29, 2023, it was Lionel Stan’s turn to address the departures of TV Mag’s Matthieu Delormeau and Benjamin Castaldi. The managing director of H20 Productions wanted to be precise that there were no disagreements between the two men and the entire team of “TPMP”.. In addition, according to him, the two former chroniclers are always welcome on the show.

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In the case of Matthieu Delormeau, Lionel Stan had announced his departure related to his need to move on. According to his revelations, the ex-‘TPMP People’ host wanted to devote more time to his production box. And to add:

“He wanted to quit for personal reasons”

Then Lionel Stan spoke about Benjamin Castaldi.

“Benjamin is a family friend, a very good friend of Cyril’s, I love Benjamin,” he said first.

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He then mentioned this family project that Simon Castaldi’s father is currently focusing on. Benjamin Castaldi is actually preparing a play about the life of her grandmother Simone Signoret and her husband, Yves Montand. That’s one of the reasons why he decided to leave TPMP. In addition, the father of four has been in the program for almost seven years and therefore wanted to take a break.

It remains to be seen whether or not the former host will return to the show after this play.

Benjamin Castaldi’s revelations on his departure from “TPMP”

The day after this TV Mag interview with Lionel Stan, Benjamin Castaldi also confided in the media. While the CEO of H20 Productions assured that the columnist could return to the talk show, the main person concerned had revealed this his year as a columnist was difficult.

“I’ve had trouble expressing myself on news and social issues because I’m not. I didn’t feel comfortable and didn’t have my place anymore. I couldn’t confine myself to the outlets of my debts or my ex-wives,” he confided.

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Consequently, Benjamin Castaldi faced a dead end. Then he decided to talk about it with his friend Cyril Hanouna and by mutual agreement they came to the conclusion that quitting was the best decision.

“It’s a goodbye and not a goodbye,” he said.

This departure of Benjamin Castaldi does not change anything in particular about his relations with the team of “Touche pas à mon poste”, according to his revelations. Although he took a break, he remains connected to them and his friendship with the other columnists will remain the same.

“Finally we will see who will still call me in 6 months, this will be a good test! “, he said.

Benjamin Castaldi is aware that this decision will change his daily life but he is ready to see how far it will take him.

“And I’ve always been a good driver! It’s a risky bet, but I’m up for it,” he added.

With humor he affirms that his wife Aurore Aleman can always feed him because she has a job. There is no doubt that this is a great support for him in this election.

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