Snapchat introduces new AI-related features

Snapchat introduces new AI-related features

On the occasion of its Snap Partner Summit 2023, the social network spoke about its partners, the community of creators, but also about its latest innovations. And what attracts the most attention from netizens are its new proposals related to artificial intelligence. While the latter is on everyone’s lips today, it remains interesting to see what brands and platforms can offer us with such a tool that opens the field of possibilities. Usually focused on augmented reality, Snapchat also seems to want to make a real foray into the world of AI, specifically with «My AI»and thus offers its users numerous new functions.

«My AI» is now available for everyone

«My AI» is a chatbot based on ChatGPT technology. It allows the users of the social network to chat with them on a daily basis. Like they would do with their friends or family, for example. The latter can thus generate dialogues and provide answers to the questions of his interlocutors. Launched last February «My AI» was available only to subscribers of the paid version of the social network Snapchat+. But the novelty announced by the social network during its Snap Partner Summit 2023 is that this feature is now available to all users of the platform worldwide!

The tool in question can be integrated into group discussions. They can participate like a real member of the discussion. «My AI» can also provide Lenses or location recommendations via Snap Map. If you ask him, he can even write a song! With this new feature open to all, the possibilities for Snapchat users are multiplied.

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An image generator directly on Snapchat

At the same time, the social network announces that it is possible to have images generated directly on its platform using AI. This tool is based on the technology of Dall-E, the image generator developed by Open AI. The concept is simple: if you send the artificial intelligence a photo, it will reply with an image generated especially for you! Note that this new feature is currently only available to Snapchat+ subscribers. But just like the chatbot from «My AI»this is surely just a simple test before offering it to users around the world.

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